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This can also be a form of Aleine (a-LANE), borne in Arthurian legend by Sir Gawain's niece. In this context it would be a form of Helen.
Elly747  2/22/2005
The origin of the name is originally Irish and has many meanings: "beautiful, fair, peaceful, offering, and precious". Other variations of the name are: Alaynah, Alleynah, and Alleyna. This is by far my most favorite female name.
Dravinus  10/17/2007
It's Irish, meaning: "fair", "beautiful", "precious", and "beautiful maiden".
Dravinus  1/16/2008
It is also a related form of the name "Hannah" Hebrew: means "God has been gracious: or God has shown favor". My daughter's name is Alayna, and it suits her beautifully. She is the only Alayna I know, and, yes she is definitely one of a kind!
bambie_k  3/29/2011

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