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Alene is also of Greek origin. It is pronounced ay-leen. The English translation of this name is Helen which means "light" in Hebrew. Variations of the name in Greece/Macedonia also include Eleni, Lenio (nickname/endearing term - pronounced len-yor), Lanka (Macedonian) and of course as mentioned above Helen. There is one variation of this which is a "one of" individual name Alene but pronounced "Ahh-len-EE" (which is my name).
alene  3/21/2005
My name is Alene, it is also French and means sharp or bright as in sharp-minded or bright-eyed. I have seen it listed in baby books as Hebrew, but had a Jewish friend that studied Hebrew and she strongly disagreed that it was of Hebrew derivation. Alene is part of the tribal name of the Native American tribe Cour d'Alene, as well as a city in Idaho. I grew to love my name, but hate the ay-leen pronunciation. The Canadian Prime Minister's wife had the name Aline, a variation of Alene.
amlgoing  3/29/2007

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