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The name Alexander goes back to the Bronze Age. The hittite chronicles, XIV century B.C., mention Aleksandu of Wilusa (Ilion of the Greeks), who was at war with the Ahhiyawans (the Achaeans). Some peoples may relate him to Paris of Troy who was also called Alexander according to Iliad.

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fbrunel  3/20/2006
Connotation for the name Alexander means "protector of men".
― Anonymous User  4/10/2006
Two theories are current for "Alexander", depending whom you consult. Some sources say "defender of men"; some say "warder off of men" (i.e. a loner?). I write only because yours seems to be the best name site around, but I think you may be in the mistaken majority about "Alexander".

No question, it does come from the Greek alexein + andr-, men. And it's easy to see why "defender" is more popular than "warder off", especially with people called Alex.

The thing is, "to ward off" does seem to be the literal meaning of alexien, and it's the meaning in every English word I know that takes it for a root. Alexikakon for example is a warder off of evil, not a defender of evil. Alexipharmic is a warder off of a drug.
hastus00  2/12/2007
Alexo (in ancient Greek) means "to repulse from oneself". Thus Alexander means "repulsing men".
eranos  10/25/2007
The name remains the same also in contemporary Greek. The first component Greek name: αλεκω means also "prevent". The Romans literally inherited Alexander's empire. Kleopatra of Egypt was of the family Ptolemi. Ptolemi was a general of Alexander's army. He undertook Egypt after Alexander's premature death.
georgev1112  9/14/2011
I read that the origin of the name, Alexandros, was first given to the Goddess Hera after she supposedly helped one side during a battle. I think that adds to the rich history of the name. Http://
catia  12/27/2012
It is an Illyrian name (Albanian).


According to the legend, when the mother of Alexander the great was pregnant, she dreamed her baby. After she gave birth to Alexander, she yell "A le ksi Ander". From that moment people are called A-le-ksi-ander.
ukk  4/22/2013

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