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Portuguese: u-le-SHAN(n)-dre (e is mute)
-- Aki  7/7/2006
The pronunciation in French is more like a-lek-XAWNDRe, it's an x, not an s. That's why my friend prefers to be called Alex because otherwise people say his name wrong.
-- Anonymous User  11/30/2006
Has a kind of 19th century French feeling to it. The connotations of Alexandre Dumas make it feel like a stronger name.
-- wordybookworm  12/24/2007
This is Alex Evans' full name. He is a somewhat famous teen photographer and designer. I really like this name!
-- smurphul  4/25/2008
Alexandre Despatie, French-Canadian diver, two time Olympic silver medalist in the 3m springboard.
-- Aziraphale  8/20/2008
Alexandre Manette, major character in Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities."
-- MoonAgeDaydreamer  2/27/2009
This name has a sort of lordly, old-fashioned charm. Alexandre is a great variant to the wonderful but overused Alexander.
-- Athena Nike  3/11/2010
Alexandre Desplat is a famous composer. He created the scores for movies such as "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Twilight: New Moon" (even though the movie was less than fantastic, the score and soundtrack were amazing), and "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" (alongside fellow composer Aaron Zigman), among many others.
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2011
Alexandre Benois (1870-1960) was a Ussian painter, stage designer, art historian and critic.
-- Anonymous User  9/11/2011
Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889) was a French painter.
-- Anonymous User  10/16/2011
Alexandre (1723-1728) was the son of King Joao V of Portugal and his wife Maria Anna.
-- CarolinW  7/18/2012
Alexandre is the second name of Prince Albert of Monaco. He has also a son named Alexandre.
-- Erme Ioainna  4/22/2013
The name Alexandre was given to 120 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Alexandre has always been a relatively common name in France, but it's only been extremely popular since about the 1970's, similar to Alexander.
-- bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
Andrea Casiraghi (eldest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco) and his wife Tatiana have a son named Alexandre Andrea Stefano Casiraghi, nicknamed Sasha, who was born 21 March 2013. Sasha is a great-grandson of Princess Grace of Monaco.
-- la-petite-rachel  2/19/2014
A slight correction: the Portuguese pronunciation of Alexandre is [əlɨ'ʃɐ̃ⁿdɾɨ] and the Brazilian pronunciation is [ale'ʃɐ̃ⁿdɾi].

Alexandra is [əlɨ'ʃɐ̃ⁿdɾə] in Portuguese and [ale'ʃɐ̃ⁿdɾə] in Brazilian Portuguese.
-- SugarPlumFairy  3/23/2014

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