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Given Name ALEXIUS
GENDER: Masculine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Αλεξιος (Ancient Greek)
Meaning & History
Latinized form of the Greek name Αλεξιος (Alexios), a derivative of Αλεξις (see ALEXIS). This was the name of five Byzantine emperors. It was also borne by a 5th-century Syrian saint who is especially venerated in the Eastern Church.
Related Names
VARIANT: Alexios
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Aleksei, Aleksey, Alexei, Alexey, Aliaksei (Belarusian), Aleix (Catalan), Aljoša (Croatian), Alexej, Aleš (Czech), Aleksi, Ale (Finnish), Alexis (French), Aleixo (Galician), Alexis (German), Alexis (Greek), Elek (Hungarian), Alessio (Italian), Aleksy (Polish), Aleixo (Portuguese), Aleksei, Aleksey, Alexei, Alexey, Aleks, Alyosha, Lyosha (Russian), Alexej, Aleš (Slovak), Aleksej, Aleks, Aleš, Aljoša (Slovene), Alejo (Spanish), Aleksei, Aleksey, Alexei, Alexey, Oleksiy, Olexiy, Aleks, Oles (Ukrainian)