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The correct pronunciation of Almudena is al-moo-DEH-nah.
AndrewJKD  2/27/2006
A variant is Almedina. I think Almudena is a beautiful name, but I don't like the MUD in the middle! :)
Caprice  8/14/2006
As a child living in Spain I had a friend named Almudena. Everyone simply called her Almu - al-moo.
ADT  9/5/2006
It is also used as a MAN's name, usually in constructions, e.g. "José Almudena" or "Almudena Miguel".
ely_riverbank  4/17/2011
Almudena Grandes (Spanish writer)
Almudena Cid (Spanish artistic gymnast, retired)
Almu  8/4/2011
There is also a related Bosnian name Almedina, which comes from the same Arabic words for "the city", but its connotations are Muslim rather than Catholic Christian.
― Anonymous User  9/1/2012
Almudena Fernández is a famous Spanish fashion model.
overtheclouds  9/22/2012

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