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It is also a Slavic name. The name Alya (Аля) comes from the word "alyy" ("алый", in English - "scarlet"), "scarlet" is a synonym for "beautiful" in Slavic culture. That's why the name Alya has 2 meanings in Slavic languages - scarlet and beautiful. Commonly used as a short form for girl names starting with "Al..." (e.g. Alexandra, Alevtina, Albina, Alina, Alisa, Alesya, Alyona, etc.). Pronounced with an accent on the first "A" (AL-yuh). [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  3/26/2019
Lovely name. So pretty.
kayisforkeen  8/31/2018
We named our daughter Alya, but in our case she is named after a central character in the Dune series of novels. Frank Herbert used the alternate spelling Alia, but we chose to go with the more Slavic Alya, as her grandmother is Ukrainian and we thought it was a nice tribute to her heritage.
doggonemess  6/2/2017
I think I prefer this name to Aaliyah. It is simple and to the point yet tough.
ERK  12/4/2016
In Slavonic, Аля (Alya) means "scarlet, beautiful", from the word "алая (alaya)".
Pronounced UH-lya, like here:
skymoon  10/13/2016
In Russia, Alya is typically used as a colloquial name by people named Albina, Alexandra, Alina and Alevtina. It is formed in a manner similar to other colloquial Russian names (for example, Kostya for Konstantin, Anya for Anna, Vanya for Ivan).
skymoon  10/13/2016
Alya Césaire is the best friend of Marinette, the main protagonist of the French-Korean TV show "Miraculous Ladybug".
― Anonymous User  2/9/2016
A friend of mine (she's from Syria) is named Alyah and she pronounces her name AL-e-uh. I think her name is very pretty.
Arieanne  12/23/2008
Alya seems like a pretty name. I like it pronounced Al-ya or Al-i-ya.
jmd27  12/13/2006
For native English speakers this name can be difficult to pronounce; most people will get it completely wrong. In my family it is alternately pronounced 'al-ya', 'a-li-a', or 'a-li-ya'. Unfortunately many people who read the name will get it wrong (I've been referred to as ala and many other very obviously incorrect pronunciations.), and many will simply use a common English name instead (being referred to as Alice is quite offensive).
Laya  6/10/2006
Alya is the name of one of the two named stars in the constellation Serpens. The star Alya is also know as Theta Serpentis.
Laya  10/4/2005

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