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I've read that the origin of the name Alyssa is Greek and that the meaning is Rational.
― Anonymous User  12/9/2004
A variant of Alyssa can be spelled like "Elyssa".
― Anonymous User  4/17/2005
A variant spelling of this name is "ELISSA". It is a variant but it is a short form of "ELIZABETH," or has an unknown meaning, not the meaning of "ALYSSA."
― Anonymous User  5/3/2005
It is the name of actress Alyssa Milano who stars as Phoebe Haliwell in the TV series "Charmed".
6diablesse6  7/21/2005
I was once told Alyssa is a derivative of the name Alice. Not sure how true this is. I think this is one of the most beautiful names for a girl.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2005
My name is Alyssa, and is pronounced A lee sah, and it sounds like it does stem off from Alice. Some of my French friends found it easier to pronounce than most English speakers, since the 'y' is an 'ee' sound. I have a card with the meaning and orgin and it says it is Greek and means 'one who is noble and of good cheer'.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2005
Alyssa Jones is a character in the Kevin Smith film "Chasing Amy", played by Joey Lauren Adams.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
It's a beautiful name and it's cool too.
MusicRat  12/21/2005
Alyssa is a very popular name in the midwest. Most of them spell their name Alyssa, but I have seen it spelled Alissa or also pronounced as "a lish a".
dani_08  3/5/2006
I like that this name comes from the flower Alyssum, but I would never use "Alyssa" for my own daughter. I think, personally, that it is overused.
Pheadirean  4/14/2006
The only person I know with this name is 8 years old and she gets frustrated when people think her name is Melissa.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
A very pretty name for a girl. The nickname Lyssa is very cute and pretty too.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2006
I have also heard Alyssum, which I think is much prettier.
nelirosala  7/16/2006
My name is Alyssa and people call me Alyssa, Aly, Lyssa, Alyss, and Lys. I think this name is beautiful. It is a meaning of the alyssum flower. It also means outgoing, a leader, and is somewhat gloatful. I love my name but I have 7 friends with the same name. They spell it many ways: Alyssa, Alissa, Alysa, Alisa, Aleesa, ect.
rubya94  8/2/2006
Pretty name, except about a million girls in my school have it. Gets old.
dramaelf  8/5/2006
I think this name is ok. This is my sister's name and she never really complains about it. It's not that common where we live, except we knew a family whose two daughters are named Chelsea (my name) and Alyssa. I don't like that it could come from the alyssum flower, because Alyssum reminds me of asylum.
skatergirl2  8/7/2006
I don't particularly like this name, but I don't know anyone who has it, so I think "overuse" is relative.
― Anonymous User  10/1/2006
This name is the name of the little girl who was abused in the hit new country song "Alyssa Lies" by John Micheal Carrol.
DarkShizuka  12/16/2006
My name is Alyssa, and in all my life - in a highschool of nearly 5,000 people - I've only ever met one other person who says and spells her name like mine. It's not so popular down under. I like my name.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2007
Nicknames for this name are: if you spell it Alyssa: Aly, Lyssa, Lyssi, Al, Als. If you spell it Alissa: Ali, Lissa, Lili, Lissa, Al, and Als.
bri345  2/11/2007
This name is pretty, but it's a bit too popular for my taste.
7up  3/2/2007
Alyssa is a nice name, but overused.
CharlieRob  8/19/2007
Can also be pronounced a-LEE-suh.
BlueSomehow  8/26/2007
Boring. Plain brown wrapper of a name.
johann14  9/25/2007
This is a nice name (almost mine), but I like the variant Alissa better. It's far less common than Alyssa.
Anonymous Blogger  11/5/2007
I don't have a huge thing for this name! It is way too common and plus I don't really like the sound of it. I mean, it would be a good name for a river or a stream or something. I don't care much for this name, and I definitely don't like it for a guy's name!
littleengen2992  11/20/2007
I prefer Alyssa to the similar-sounding Alexa. It sounds a lot prettier and more feminine.
Skittsie13  12/19/2007
My name is Alyssa. And I've always liked it ok. It's not the BEST name, but I like it! I do get annoyed with people though, because almost EVERY TIME I tell somebody my name they ask, "Melissa?" And I have to say NO, Alyssa. But I've always thought it was a nice name.
Alyssa44  3/25/2008
It is not related to Alicia! Alisa is Russian for Alice, I guess in other Slavic languages and some others too. Alissa and Alyssa are transliterations of the name into English (Alissa also in French).
seanik  3/27/2008
I find this name utterly bland and unimaginative. It's overused and overrated. I've read this was Ayn Rand's real name, and that certainly hasn't made me like the name more.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
Alyssa - Teutonic meaning full of cheer.
I found the true origin & meaning of the name in a magickal names book.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2008
I love the name Alyssa! I think it is very pretty and delicate, yet also a little popular now, but not as popular as, say, Sarah or Tori. A good nick-name would be Liss, Lissie, Ali, or Lissa. I like this spelling much better than Alysa with only one s, and other spellings. Overall, this name is so beautiful!
bunnygirl  9/25/2008
Alyssa can be a derivative of Adelaide. In that case the meaning is noblewoman.
Kaat5  9/28/2008
In Greek, Alyssa means "flourishing".

It was also ranked number 1 for girls in 2005. Even though it has always been pretty popular, I only know one girl name Alyssa, and she's eight.
Patricia Underwood  10/12/2008
The name "Alyssa" when spelled with a "y" is more than a variation of "Alicia" or "Alice". It is Greek. It means "rational" or "logical".
Smilie  12/22/2008
The name Alyssa is from Greek origin meaning "rational." It is also of German (Teutonic) origin, meaning "noble" or "of good cheer."
sunnyshowers  3/16/2009
This my best friend's name, and she does like it, but every time she introduces herself to someone and says, "I'm Alyssa," they always think she says "Melissa." Other than that, though, it's a very pretty name, and I like it.
meggsxx3  5/6/2009
I do not like this name.

1. I hate the way it sounds, it's so annoying. It sounds like a little kid trying to say "Melissa" (which I hate) even though it's actually pronounced like it.

2. It's way too common.

3. It's a bit too modern.
becca_marciano  7/10/2009
I've known so many girls with this name while growing up. It's up there with Ashley, Emily, and Tiffany as one of the most overused names of the 90s--at least where I'm from.
erb816  7/21/2009
When I first saw this name, I thought it was a really cool, pretty and original name; since then I've met a few dozen more Alyssas. I still like it, though sick of hearing it and mistaking it for similar-sounding names. I don't too much like it being a variant of Alicia, though that adds the flower meaning and limits how kre8ive parents could get based on Alyssa itself.
lucyskydiamonds  3/7/2010
It's fine to have your own opinions about a name but I don't think you should judge people who have the name and make them feel bad. My middle name is Alyssa and I've only met one other person with my name. I like it and that's really all that matters. If you don't like it, don't give that name to your firstborn.
― Anonymous User  4/15/2010
It's a nice name, and I would use it, but the meaning is hilarious. "Against rabies". XDD
― Anonymous User  10/1/2010
It's a pretty name, but I know so many of them.
Chrila96  2/1/2011
Despite my previous comment about it being overused (in my generation), I still think it's a pretty name.
erb816  4/14/2011
Believe it or not, it has actually been a fairly popular name to use in the Italian-American community... especially with families who had recently immigrated (likely wanting an American/English name to mesh in better/ or variant of an Italian title).
I know Alyssas, I have a cousin Alyssa. While I do think that it is beautiful-- it is a bit overused (not necessarily a bad thing), and the spelling is a tad off, for my taste... I also think, when you get down to the blueprints, that it lacks something.

Regardless, if you are an Alyssa reading: Be proud of your name!
Francesca  4/19/2011
This is great! I love it!
Joy12  5/6/2011
Although this name is too popular, I still like it because my best friend in Kindergarten had this name (except spelled ALISSA)
― Anonymous User  7/22/2011
It's very pretty, but way too common. Plus, it's also annoyingly close to the word "asylum". Funny, considering it means "against madness".
Black_X  7/24/2011
I know tons of girls with this name, but despite the extreme popularity, I still find it appealing. It's a sweet, pretty name, and unlike Emily or Jennifer, it's original beauty hasn't been cheapened through overuse.
sunshinechild67  3/10/2012
In about 1970, my mom wrote in her diary that she wanted to name her daughter Alyssa. And on February 14 of 1980, I was born! I am probably one of the oldest ones after Alyssa Milano. I am 32 now, and have only met 1-2 other girls with this name in my life. It drives me nuts when people can't pronounce it, and I think it's usually due to being lazy. It is NOT pronounced ALEESA. But that is usually what foreign people say. I also get annoyed when people think it's short for Melissa, and see no need to shorten it to Lyssa or any of the other horrid nicknames some people want to use. I am very pleased with my name, and have gotten compliments on it my whole life.
AlyssaAli  9/22/2012
I have this name and I think it's okay. I mean, I don't hate it but I don't exactly identify with it either. This is probably because it's so common. I rather like nicknames for it such as Lys or Lyssa but no one ever uses them. I do find that though this name is popular, it wasn't the most popular back in '94 when I was born. And so I don't find many people my age that have the name. More kids in early high school and middle school have it, but since I don't really make friends with people that age, I don't have much problem.
EkiAku  4/1/2013
I like the name Alyssa, it's a very common name in the South. It's often paired with the middle name Brooke.
Allybrooke15  12/6/2013
From the Greek word "daughter of messenger".
― Anonymous User  4/3/2014
I have a daughter, she is just born one week ago and I'm confused with the names Alyssa and Sabrina. Which one is better? Please help me.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2014
Alyssa isn't English, it's actually Hebrew.
17ambrug  6/4/2014
My name is Alyssa and it kind of depresses me when people say it's overused and boring. I like my name because there are a lot of different interpretations whether they are true or not. Some say the German meaning is noble and I love that, and it gives me hope that because maybe I was named Alyssa for a reason (other than that my parents liked it).
ALoucks  7/3/2014
Alyssa isn't of Greek origin, it is actually Hebrew.
Alyssa12335  7/28/2014
Alyssa Hale is the protagonist of the PlayStation game Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2014
Alyssa Hamilton is the protagonist of the PlayStation 2 game Clock Tower 3.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2014
My name is Alyssa. I just love my name, and have always strongly identified with it. I find it just the right balance between feminine and no nonsense, and I particularly like names that begin with vowels. I love that it has Greek origins with the meaning sane one, rational. My sisters call me Lyss, Lyssa and Lolly, which I love. The Alyssum flower is also pretty cool. Spelled backwards, it is Assyla, which is downright awful, though...
I was born in 1971 and where I am from in NJ it wasn't very common. I did go to grades K thru 12 with a girl who spelled her name Alyssa, but she pronounced it Alicia. That annoyed my mother to no end, and even though my mom was not a particularly catty woman, she couldn't get over what she felt was an outright mispronunciation of the name Alyssa, or rather, misspelling of the name Alicia. It sure did confuse our teachers, who would look back and forth between the two of us with a 'you've got to be kidding me' look on their faces.
I became prepared with strategies to help people get the correct pronunciation. Under no circumstances could I say "Hello, I'm Alyssa" but only introduce myself with "My name is Alyssa" usually following up with "It's like Melissa without the M." Unfortunately, it hasn't helped much in Italy where I live today. Many of the people I know either stress the wrong syllable or add a vowel, or a combination of both, and some of them have known me for over 10 years. But when they get it right it is Ah-lees-sa, which has taken some getting used to. My nickname here is Aly which is pronounced Ah-ly, which I love, but I won't let any Americans use it. They don't pronounce it right and it sounds too nasal.
The name Alyssa was used in an episode of Little House on the Prairie for Carrie's 'Fairy God Sister' from season 5 which aired in 1978, but I don't think it went viral until after the start of Who's the Boss with Alyssa Milano in 1984.
I remember the first time I heard someone say my name to anyone other than me or "Alicia" which didn't happen until I was in High School. I was in Macy's one day when, thinking it was my mom, I replied to a lady calling out Alyssa who I didn't know at all, a bit confused until I realized she was speaking to her 3 year old daughter! My reign had ended, and I became one of the many Alyssa’s around. Now I knew how all the Jennifers felt!
― Anonymous User  1/17/2015
In the US, this name was at the height of its popularity in the 1990s, which explains why there are so many teen girls with this name.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2015
The name Alyssa is so not boring & plain and it's certainly not overused at the moment! (Look at the name charts and you'll see which names are the REAL overused names.) My area isn't full of Alyssa's running about. I for one have lost count over how many Chloe's, Amy's, and Sophie's I've come across. When I first heard the name Alyssa I was starstruck over how beautiful sounding this name is! I strongly believe Alyssa is an amazing, sophisticated, beautiful and special name and I love its connotations with the Greek language and the flower. (: This name definitely should be used a hell of a lot more! ;)
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
I think Alyssa is a gorgeous choice! It's hard for me to see it on a middle-aged woman but I wouldn't let that stop you. There will be plenty of other young names on old people in 50 years. It's a form of Alice meaning noble, kind. A nice choice.
LV51sfan91  4/5/2015
When my parents named me Alyssa 37 years ago, it was a very uncommon name. Growing up, I never knew anybody with my name until I saw Alyssa Milano on TV in the 80s. When I was in my late teens and early 20s in the mid/late 90s, suddenly everyone was naming their baby girls Alyssa. It was strange to have all these little girls with "my" name. I actually didn't like my name growing up, for some reason, but I appreciate it now, especially for its meaning. I still get compliments on my name.
Alyssa1978  4/20/2015
It's pretty, but only slightly more unique than Alison/Ali, Alicia, etc. It's one of the Al- names for girls that was common in the '90s. That being said, I think Alyssa is one of the better trendy/common names of the '90s.
Alexandra0823  6/27/2015
My name is Alyssa and I have always loved it- I think it's very feminine. I'm 27 now, and have only known one other Alyssa in my life. From the comments I've read, I suppose it's become more popular over time. In my opinion, Alicia is the most common variant, along with Melissa. Throughout my life, teachers have had trouble pronouncing it, which has always been a little strange to me. At any rate, I'm happy with my name and find the Alyssum flowers very beautiful. My husband has told me that Alyssa is plural for the Alyssum genus, I haven't researched that to confirm.
absullivan  8/29/2015
I think this name is super cute and gorgeous!
― Anonymous User  9/14/2015
Pronounced "Alice-ah".
― Anonymous User  9/14/2015
I like this name. My middle name is Alyssa and it is pronounced as A-Lie-Sa.
― Anonymous User  10/30/2015
My name is Alyssa, but I always pronounce it as Alessa like the girl from Silent Hill. I have used it as such, since I was little.
bloodlustpixiedust  1/17/2016
I love this name! Ali makes a beautiful nickname! I can see this name on a 6-year old like my cousin, or a 30-year old!
KittenMeow  4/10/2016
I find it extremely boring, but other than that it's a nice name. I really like the association with the alyssum flower, especially because I find the flower's history as a mental health treatment to be interesting. To be honest, I almost prefer Alyssum as a name.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/12/2016
― Anonymous User  8/2/2016
My name is Alyssa Marrie. I'm named after two famous actresses; Alyssa Milano, and Holly Marie Combs. I love my name and I do NOT think it's boring, plain, or common. I don't like having my name mixed up with "Melissa", but sometimes I do like hearing the creative ways people can mess up my name at rodeos. If you are named Alyssa or want to name your daughter Alyssa, go ahead. There is nothing wrong with this name and there are so many ways that you can spell it to make it special or uncommon. My favorite nicknames are Alygator and Aly.
Breakawayroper03  8/12/2016
It's too over used for me to use it, but I still like the name. I have a friend named Alyssa, who I usually call "Al", or sometimes "Ally/Allie (Al-lee).
AmbiguouslyAnonymous  9/15/2016
It's my name so I'm obviously biased to defend it while also hating it. But to everyone saying it's "popular", there's a reason for that. It wouldn't be popular if it was an awful name. I don't despise it, I think if you named someone this name after the Irish flower that cures madness/rabies (Alyssum) then that's fine. But I was named after Alyssa Milano and I still don't know how to feel about that. Oh well, you can't control your name.
WithBass  12/7/2016
It is pronounced "Uh-lih-suh", not "Uh-Lie-za" not "A-lee-sah" not "alice-uh" and not "eh-lis-uh" If you like the sound of those four, then choose a different spelling.
― Anonymous User  12/7/2016
The history of the name Alyssa comes from the titan spirit of rage Lyssa...
Which means that the noble & of good cheer is an erroneous meaning.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2017
Alyssa Barbara is a Canadian glamour model.
cutenose  2/11/2017
At first I thought this name was boring, but now it's growing on me. I actually like it now. It was invented in 1963, it's not super classy but not modern either which I like. 7/10.
RomanCS02  2/12/2017
I was born in 1977, and growing up in the 1980s and early to mid 1990s, I knew no one with that name. It was not a popular name and no one knew how to pronounce it. My name is pronounced "Uh-LEE-suh", which is how it is pronounced in my mother's country of birth. Although, I know that many go by "uh-LIH-suh", more likely because of Alyssa Milano. I'm used to people pronouncing it that way, although I will correct them as it is not the pronunciation I was born with. What I don't appreciate is when people tell me that my pronunciation is "wrong" and think it's okay to "correct" me. No, there is more than one way to pronounce it, especially since it is pronounced differently depending on your language... Like most names. While I don't pronounce it like "uh-LIH-suh" I'm not going to tell someone it is wrong, especially if they were born with that pronunciation and they like it.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2017
Alyssa Jayne Milano is an American actress, activist, producer and former singer. She is best known for her roles in Who's the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, Mistresses and Project Runway All Stars. She will be starring in the upcoming web series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.
cutenose  6/18/2017
I think it is better and softer than Alicia, which I never liked much. Ally would also be a cute nickname.
XironDarkstar  9/12/2017
My name is Alyssa and some of the many pronunciations I have heard of are Alease, Alecia, Alesha, Alesia, Alice, Alicia, Alisha, Alissa, Alyce, Alycia, Alys, Alysa, Alyse, Alysha, Alysia, Alyssia, Aleesha, Alise, Alishia, Alisia, Alisya, Allissa, Allycia, and Elicia. I personally prefer Alisa, but I still love Alyssa.
ANOYNAMUS  11/18/2017
According to Statistics Sweden there is one person with Alyzza as their first name.
And there are 216 People with Alyssa as their first name in Sweden.
― Anonymous User  2/14/2018
Alyssa is the name of Chester & Talinda Bennington's niece.
emilydominko  2/15/2018

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