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It is the name of actress Alyssa Milano who stars as Phoebe Haliwell in the TV series "Charmed".
6diablesse6  7/21/2005
Alyssa Jones is a character in the Kevin Smith film "Chasing Amy", played by Joey Lauren Adams.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
This name is the name of the little girl who was abused in the hit new country song "Alyssa Lies" by John Micheal Carrol.
DarkShizuka  12/16/2006
Alyssa Hale is the protagonist of the PlayStation game Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2014
Alyssa Hamilton is the protagonist of the PlayStation 2 game Clock Tower 3.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2014
Alyssa Barbara is a Canadian glamour model.
cutenose  2/11/2017
Alyssa Jayne Milano is an American actress, activist, producer and former singer. She is best known for her roles in Who's the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, Mistresses and Project Runway All Stars. She will be starring in the upcoming web series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.
cutenose  6/18/2017
Alyssa is the name of Chester & Talinda Bennington's niece.
emilydominko  2/15/2018

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