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A famous bearer is actress Alžbeta Stanková - 31th March Bratislava (La Estrella, Brouk v hlavě, Rebelové, Skriatok).
-- Maggie_Simpson  2/20/2007
Pronounced "ahl:zh-bet:ah".
-- Karcoolka  1/28/2008
Alżbeta Lenska, actress, born 22 August 1981, Siemianowice Slaskie, Polska.
-- Emilie007  9/6/2008
Alžbeta is a fictional character from the fairy-tale "Perinbaba" (1985). She was played by Petra Vančíková.
-- Emilie007  12/20/2008
"Jalžabeta" is an older Croatian variant of this name. Usually the short form JALŽA was used, but the name went out of fashion a few generations ago (since the 1920s or 30s).
-- goricar  12/25/2009

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