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I love my name Amandus.
amandus  4/25/2017
I'm commenting because I am the bearer of the name Amandus. It is my middle name and it's been passed down 3 generations- my grandfather had it, my father, and now me. I'm happy to have so a rare name that dates very far back into history.
peczeearl  8/7/2016
In the description, it calls Amandus a derivitive of amanda, and under the description of amanda it says it comes from Amandus. Amandus I believe is the original as its history can be traced back 10 centuries more than amanda could be according to the descriptions.
zachariahelijahlevi  8/24/2015
Oh, awesome, first comment! Stating the obvious here, but the name Amanda is a feminine derivative of this name. :) This is my big sister's name, Amanda. She always wondered what the male equivalent to her name was, haha.
RachelLee  6/20/2010

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