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This name comes from the 19th and 20th century innovation of using jewels as feminine names. The word 'Amber' does not appear until the 1600s. Confusion subscribing this name to the Medieval period may have come from the Victorian habit of giving their children medieval names which coincided with the first known appearance of Amber as a given name. Also, the surname 'Amberson' which has been around for much longer was mistakenly believed to be 'son of Amber'. It's true meaning is 'son of Amery'.
Amatire  5/18/2005
I don't really like this name. I mean really, who wants to be named after dried sap?
doodlebug  5/30/2005
I would! Thanks! :) I heard on another site that 'Amber' is Scottish, meaning 'fierce'. And although the dried sap part sucks, fierce is pretty cool. :)
Amber1683  6/12/2005
I think Amber is a great name myself and I think who ever doesn't like it doesn't have to worry because it's not their name.
amber93  7/29/2005
My cousin is called AMBA, with the different spelling. People love her name, I think it's cool, and it matches her personality spot on. She's fiery!
Charlie3  11/2/2005
Amber is my best friend's name. I think it's an awesome name for a girl because it's not one of those really girly names but it's definitely not a boy name. (by the way, Amber's nickname is Hammy, that's what we call her:)
heather_13  11/25/2005
Amber is my sister's name and my family has always called her Ambie which is a cute little girly nickname. Amber is a natural color that is very earthy and contributes to my little sisters personality.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2005
On another website it said that Amber in Hindu, also Sanskrit, means "the sky."
starflora  2/17/2006
Amber is the name of Scott Peterson's mistress.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2006
My name is Amber and I love it. I get so many complements on it. As for it being named after sap it's ok because syrup is made out of sap.
amber monkey  3/16/2006
One time I read in a book that Ambers mostly have red hair but I'm not sure if that's accurate.
amber monkey  3/16/2006
The name Amber is Arabic.
amber monkey  3/16/2006
Amber: The name Amber is not Arabic. If it was, it would state that on the name page! The name Amber did not originate in the middle east. I don't know where you got that information from but its wrong.

I like Amber. Amber is the name of my youngest cousin. We call her "Ambie\Ambey" at times (:
― Anonymous User  7/7/2015
"Amber" also is a color. Like the sap, it's a mixture of orange and brown.
― Anonymous User  4/19/2006
I think Amber is a nice name, not overly used, but I don't think I would use it personally myself.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2006
My name is Amber but I think it's a bit overly popular with my age group (I was born in 1990).
asforoneday  6/5/2006
This is my name, so perhaps I'm a little biased in liking it. It doesn't bother me at all that amber is petrified tree sap. I own quite a bit of amber and it's a very pretty gem. I love the color, though it not only comes as a golden browny-orange color, but also has some rarer varieties that are green. (I'd love to get my hands on some.) As for nicknames I have several, ranging from Amby, Ambz, Ammy, and, my favorite, Amberly. I like that it's not overly girly, overly used, too long, hard to pronounce, or so uncommon no one has ever heard of it. I enjoy going by Amberly around loved ones because it adds a bit more feminine flair to it in my opinion.
Amberly  6/19/2006
Amber Valletta (born February 9, 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona), an American supermodel and actress, is a famous bearer.
sweetbabe  7/23/2006
My half-sister's name is Amber. Unfortunetly we live in North Carolina, where there are 1000 cazillon people named Amber, most of them strippers and trailer trash whose real name isn't even Amber (they just changed it to that). I wish they'd use their names and ruin those because for people really named Amber or thinking of naming their kids Amber, it's definitely a drawback.
― Anonymous User  7/26/2006
Sounds like a stripper's name. Sorry! Every Amber I've ever met (and I know quite a few) has been cheap and loud-mouthed. Yikes.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2006
I hate this name. And it's ok if I say that, because it's my name. It is a very stupid name. Think of someone named Amber that you're talking on the phone to that you've never spoken to before. Blonde hair and very immature. I hate this name so much I go by my middle name (Doris. Yes my parents hated me.)
― Anonymous User  9/28/2006
My name is Amber. I love my name. I get lots of compliments on it. The name is very pretty, earthy, and natural just like the fossil resin. I think that the snobby red head in the movie Clueless is what gave the name a bad rap. I hope that cheesey movie is soon to be forgotten!
amberj83  11/1/2006
This name is actually pretty cool! It sounds like a name that a lot of people would admire.
jmd27  12/9/2006
This name sounds icky and snobby to me!
Taydbug112  12/14/2006
You don't have to worry about it because it isn't your name. And people you shouldn't dislike a name because some people you know that you don't like have it. And who cares if Amber is sap? I certainly don't. And not all Ambers are snobs or strippers so maybe you should consider that when you say I hate this name it's icky you should realize how you would feel if we told you that!
― Anonymous User  1/17/2007
Yeah, they're right. I mean, who cares if it's petrified tree sap? Who cares if it's hardened stuff the leaks out of a tree? I mean, it's Amber! It's a gem. Now if you say. "Ewww, what a nasty name!" then think of the people who said their name is Amber! Imagine your name is Amber and someone says: "Can't someone choose a more logical name?" well, how would you feel? Anyway, I ADORE this name.
missBridget  7/13/2008
I love my name. It's really Amberly but I go by Amber. No one has ever said anything bad about my name. They always say how beautiful it is. The only time I heard bad things is by going to this website.
snowwhites  1/22/2007
Amber is such a nice name! Its syllables are so soft.
7up  1/25/2007
Amber Benson played Tara in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Druid  2/14/2007
This is my name, and I love it. I was going to be named Andrea, but when I came out of the womb with red hair, my parents changed their mind. It's a shame that there are not-nice people with this name, but that's just life. I think of it as a color and a gemstone, not as any particular person.
RedGyl  2/15/2007
This name has become way overused for my liking.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2007
I think it's really cute. I like it.
flipflops5  3/3/2007
I love this name, because it's my name! The only problem I have with it is it's getting a little too overused. But it's a really pretty name to name your girl because it's a jewel. And as for my nicknames my friends call me Ambie, Amie, and Am.
x3ThatGurlAmberx3  3/25/2007
I think this name is overused and I don't really like it that much. It suits some people, but it is too common.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2007
A famous bearer is American deaf actress Amber Stanton (Rest in Peace, Vital Signs, Resonare).
Karcoolka  4/30/2007
I love this name so much. I know that it's a bit overused, but who cares? It's a lush name, and it's not as common as Hannah or some other names!
twinkle toes  5/2/2007
Amber is one of the main, and original characters on the New Zealand show "The Tribe".
WCSAngel  9/4/2007
I've loved this name since I was a teenager thirty years ago. The problem is that it became very popular and now it appears to be going out of style. So if I had named my daughter Amber she would have been one of many Ambers and then as she grew older the name would date her. And also, I agree with some of the above posters, somehow it has acquired the connotation of a blonde, bimboish stripper type. But I still love it. I just love the way it sounds.
queenv  10/1/2007
Fossilized tree sap or not, Amber is a beautiful jewel and a great name. I'm an Amber Rose, and the name has been in my family for generations. Coincidentally, I have red hair. I love it.
― Anonymous User  12/4/2007
It is possible that "Amber" (the stone and the name) is related to "umbra" which means in Latin, "shade" or "shadow", and has come to mean archaically in English, "phantom, ghost", "an uninvited guest accompanying an invited one" and in astronomy, "the shadow cast by the earth or moon during an eclipse". Umbra has given rise to such words as, "umbrageous", "umbrage", "umbrella", "penumbra" and "somber". Interestingly, "umbra" has lent its name to two colors: amber (yellow) and umber (brown).
leananshae  12/19/2007
Amber is a sweet name for a little girl and a delicate artist, but not a serious name for an adult who may want to go toe-to-toe with the big dogs in the business world someday. If she's born with an even temper, serene and sensitive, you may have an artist-to-be, so go ahead and call her Amber. If she's feisty, strong-willed and demanding, try something else. Amery comes to mind.
leananshae  12/19/2007
Amber is such a nice name. It's so colorful! Whenever I say the name it makes me think of graceful people.
― Anonymous User  1/26/2008
Amber reminds me of an amber necklace I got for my birthday with a wasp in the teardrop jewel. It felt beautiful and dangerous, which is now how I think of the name Amber.
joli_dans_titre1  2/23/2008
Amber Von Tussel is the teenage antagonist in the "Hairspray" movies and musical. In the 1988 movie she was played by Colleen Fitzpatrick; in the the 2007 movie musical she was played by Brittany Snow. Her role in the musical was originated by Laura Bell Bundy.
FMRadio  2/29/2008
I have a friend named Amber and the nicknames are endless: amburger, amberella, ambergosa, bert, berto, hamberto.
b.lillian  3/21/2008
Amber was used on this season (2007-08) of the medical drama "House", as one of the doctors competing, Survivor-style, to be on House's team of fellows. The actress was pretty and blond, but alas, the character's House-bestowed nickname was "Cutthroat Bitch". She was eliminated from the doctor competition, but the character has returned as a girlfriend for House's buddy Wilson.
elizabeth hamlet  3/24/2008
I think this is a really cute name. Unfortunately whenever I imagine an Amber it's always a very pretty, dyed-blonde, and very stupid teenage girl.
bijou_caoimhe  4/2/2008
A famous bearer is American actress Amber Rose Tamblyn (born May 14, 1983). She came to fame playing Emily Quartermaine on the American soap opera 'General Hospital' from 1995 to 2001. From 2003 to 2005, she starred in the drama television series 'Joan of Arcadia', for which she received both Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations. She has also appeared in many films, among them 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' and 'The Grudge 2'.
AndrewJKD  4/7/2008
The name itself isn't bad, but it always somehow manages to conjure up an image of a ditzy girl. I guess that's the sort of name that TV show producers have often chosen for pretty but dumb characters, which is too bad.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
Amber also is a semi-precious stone.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2008
I think Amber is a really nice name. It's my wife's name, so it of course makes me think of a cute brown-eyed brunette. Amber is a name that belongs to fun, caring, and strong girls and women who are full of life.
― Anonymous User  8/8/2008
My sister's name is Amber. It's not personally my favorite name, but it suits her well. Some of her nicknames have been: Amby, Berby, Amburrito, and when I was little, I called her "Hammer."
― Anonymous User  9/17/2008
Another form of the name I have heard which I like much better than Amber is Amberly.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2008
Amber stands for

Beautiful name!
Dragon_Clarinet  11/10/2008
It's way too overused for me to like it at all. If I didn't meet a new Amber every other day, I might like it better.
faye  1/25/2009
Amber is a very nice name. I like combination Amber Maria.
enchy  3/10/2009
I love this name, I think it's gorgeous and definitely my favourite.
betsy  5/30/2009
Beautiful name for a girl! :)
Lexi_Love14  7/6/2009
Amber Brkich-Mariano appeared on Survivor: Australian Outback, then appeared on Survivor: All-Stars winning that game.
sddorme  8/10/2009
I initially really liked this name (I first heard it on the character from 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' whose real name is Ambrosia), but then I realized how overly popular it is and that it's often used by trailer trash today. It's a shame, since Amber St. Clare of the novel 'Forever Amber,' the reason this name started to get so popular to begin with, is a really awesome and strong character. I can see why this name began getting more popular after the book came out, but most people using it today have probably never even heard of Kathleen Winsor's amazing novel.
Anyechka  8/24/2009
Beautiful name!
nicole_10107  9/16/2009
This name brings to mind discovery because of the tie in with electricity. Otherwise I wouldn't like it as a name, but this gives it more dimension in my mind. Amber is a fairly warm name, but it seems bland and overused.
Wilted  9/16/2009
I have a cousin named Amber. I see that some people don't like it because it's named after dried sap but I always picture it when it's on jewelery.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
Amber means 'sky' in Hindu and Sanskrit.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2010
I love this name. It's so cool! This is one of the coolest names I have ever heard. It's one of my faves. I'm also into gemstones, and just about everything of incredible value that comes from the earth. LOVELY!
― Anonymous User  7/10/2010
It's a cute name but I can't see it maturing very well.
Chrila96  12/24/2010
I don't really like this, or any other forms of this name.
Joy12  5/3/2011
Amber Hagerman is the namesake of the AMBER Alert bulletin. She was nine years old when she was abducted from a grocery store parking lot in Arlington, Texas. Her case was never solved.
Ryry1996  6/8/2011
It's a pretty name, but it's mainly associated with snobby blond bimbos nowadays, so it would be best to hold off on using it. That being said, it's not a favorite of mine; it's too soft sounding for me.
Black_X  7/18/2011
I think the Spanish cognate is Ámbar. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011
Amber is a character from the anime Darker Than Black.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2011
Amber Riley is an actress, known for her role of Mercedes Jones on Glee.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2011
Amber Heard is the name of a stunning American actress.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2011
This name isn't ugly, but it's plain and unoriginal. I can see why people would like it, because it does have its own appeals, but I personally wouldn't use it. It's especially common if you were born in the 80s or 90s.
sunshinechild67  4/9/2012
Well my name's Amber :D I personally like my name :D

My nicknames are - Amza, Amzaza, Ambi, Ber, Am and Bambi.

My personal fave is Bambi or Amzaza.
Amzaza  6/5/2012
Amber is my name, too. I really like being called Amber but I worry about how it will look when I'm older. A few people associate it with strippers, which is kind of upsetting. I have to say, though - when my mum called me this she didn't know about the associations. It was about the fossil, the literary word, the mineral. If a name's to be cleared of associations I think you have to get back to those basics and think about what Amber actually is, rather than what it has been.
Ambiversion  6/6/2012
I used to hate the name Amber, but lately it's been growing on me. I like the colour associations with it, and Amber Benson is definitely a positive namesake. I don't think the fact that it's fossilised sap is bad, because I think the way that it's made is quite extraordinary.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2012
Okay, Amber is not dry tree sap, it's a precious gem. And it's not overused. I'm the only Amber in my whole school! It's beautiful and I love it.
FrodoLuver1  6/14/2012
Amber Lancaster (born 1980 in Tacoma, Washington) is an American actress and model.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2012
This is the name I always say I'd name my daughter (if I ever had one) :) It's beautiful.
Gio123  4/5/2013
If you think Amber is bad because it's dried sap, try being named Amber Sapp. Yes. That's my actual name. But it doesn't matter because I LOVE IT!
Ambergrace  7/8/2013
I love this name very much. :) I wish it were my name. Very pretty.
BehindTheNameFan  8/7/2013
I personally used to love this name until every single girl was named this. I worked at Target and there were 5 Ambers. Then I worked at Starbucks and there were 7. We had to call them by their last names. I personally like Ember better and will be used as my daughters middle name.
MeggieCamille  12/15/2013
Taiwanese-American Amber Liu is on of the five members of the all-girl kpop group f(x).
TomMH2  1/15/2014
Amber is the name I chose for my first daughter born in April 2012, yes she has red hair and the name suits her. I was a fan of Duran Duran in tte 80's and Simon Le Bon has a daughter named Amber. I was originally going to call her April but when born she suited Amber better. My second daughter born January 2014 I chose the name Emerald.
nightowl2  3/23/2014
My name is Amber and I'm 13 :) I think it's a cool name even though the sap bit sucks. I think it is a cool name cause there aren't many people around my age group called Amber. All of my friends love my name cause it's not 2 girly and suits my personality so well. Your first name of Amber has given you a responsible, expressive, inspirational, and friendly personality. Expression comes naturally to you and you are rarely at a loss for words; in fact, you have to put forth effort at times to curb an over-active tongue. Self-confidence has made it easy for you to meet people and you are well-liked for your spontaneous, happy ways. You sincerely like people and do not often experience loneliness; your work and home-life are likely filled with association. You enjoy music and could have a fine singing voice; however, the study could be somewhat difficult because you do not find it easy to apply yourself to concentrated study for long periods. In this respect, this name is not altogether constructive; it creates a somewhat scattering influence which makes it difficult for you to finish what you start. This name brings disappointments and emotional involvements through being too sympathetic and easily influenced. As a result of your active nature, you have an appetite for quick-energy foods, which you could consume to excess. Health weakness appear as skin conditions, or as ailments relative to the liver.
Bubblegum  5/26/2014
There is nothing wrong with this name, I hate when people say this name is horrible. I used to hate this, but now I LOVE this name, a lot of famous people have the name Amber! And the stone Amber is kinda like gold! I MEAN C'MON PEOPLE! APPREACIATE THE NAME YOU HAVE! Some people have strange names- do I make fun of them NO! So I HATE when people say that this name is not a real name, ALOT of people have this name, and I love having the name Amber yes, that's right, Amber is my name, And I ignore people who say it's a horrible name to MY face, but really? Saying that it's not a real name, I swear some people are rude.
XRavenXHeartX  7/8/2014
My name is Amber, though I don't really like it myself.
Amber Conner  7/10/2014
This is the name of Demi Lovato's older half-sister.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2014
Amber Rose (born Amber Levonchuck) is an American model, actress, and recording artist.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2014
This is my sister's name. I always thought it sounded strong instead of girly, but still very pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2014
The name Amber is beautiful, cute, gorgeous and brilliant! I love this name! :D.
― Anonymous User  10/21/2014
Amber Le Bon is an English fashion model.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2014
OTHER LANGUAGES: Ámbar (Spanish), Ambra (Italian), Ambre Ambur Ambour (French), Ómra (Irish), Inbar (Hebrew)

VARIANTS: Amberleigh (English), Amberly (English), Amberlynn (English), Ambrétte (French).
― Anonymous User  11/1/2014
This name is no longer unique. It is overused and boring.
fugfacedmermaid  12/27/2014
My sister (born in the early 80's) is an Amber. Amber Nicole to be exact. I have heard her say many times before that she wishes we could switch names or just pick an entirely different one. I don't think it's that bad, but not the best either.
LillysMomma29  1/2/2015
Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Neil Young named his daughter Amber Jean... prettiest girl he's ever seen. Girls lucky enough to be named Amber seem to get a lot of Amber jewelry from loved ones.
Just my opinion  2/12/2015
I really like the name Amber, especially with the nickname Bambi.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2015
My name is Amber, and I adore it. Most people call me Amb. I remember that somewhere, it said that Amber means kindness, and I think that's pretty cool.
amber-vogt  8/16/2015
Amber Liu is an American rapper and singer. She is a member of the South Korean girl group f(x) and she has also worked as a solo artist.
― Anonymous User  8/19/2015
Amber Smith is the English dub name for Ai Fuji in the uncut tale of mewtwo's origen and is the name of the young clone that befriends mewtwo when he is created. Her most famous line is when she says to mewtwo that life is wonderful so he shouldn't cry.
amber2stars  8/30/2015
I really love the name Amber because it makes me think of a young, soft-speaking, wise girl. It brings to mind brown, long hair and soft blue eyes. I might someday even name my child Amber.
― Anonymous User  8/30/2015
The meaning is beautiful.
ksaunders001  9/7/2015
My name is Amber and I don't get why some people are being so rude! I don't insult the name you were given, do I? No.
Also I love the nickname 'Bambi' my mum used to call me that all the time when I was little, she still does sometimes. I also have a ring my mum bought me that has an Amber stone on it and I bought myself a very nice Amber necklace that has a heart with a lock and key on it.
FunkyPanda  11/16/2015
My name is Amber and I always hated it when I was younger. I don't understand why my parents would name me after tree sap. My brother still calls me Pampers and Abby. It has grown on me, I guess. But, besides my cousins and family bullying, I got so many compliments on my name, especially as an adult. But I think my last name saved my name. My last name is Victoria. So, my name is Amber Victoria. Pretty name overall.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2015
My name is Amber Nicole Alexander. I have long brown hair, dark blue eyes, and I'm 5"3. I'm very intellectual, kind, and creative. I'm in all Honors, in the Spelling Bee, but I am not on any sports teams. I can very much assure you I'm not a hooker or a stripper. I have only met one other Amber in my life. I've actually met more Tatum's and Clarissa's.
AmberNicoleAlexander  1/6/2016
My name is Amber and I like the name. As others have said, the sap part is probably the worst of all meanings. I don't see it as that. It's more a gem. I also don't see many others with that name anymore as it don't seem to be as popular as it was during the 80's. The only other thing about Amber is that I have friends who sometimes call me Amberger. Relating to hamburger. Still I wouldn't trade my name for anything else. =)
Amber Short  1/27/2016
My name is Amber and I used to not like it but it's grown on me. I've never heard of it meaning tree sap, that's new to me. When I've looked it up it meant "a rare and precious gemstone" so I always liked the meaning. It is very common for people my age, I was born in '87 but it seems to be going out of style.
americangirl87  3/20/2016
I have this name and it's great because it's so short you don't get stupid nicknames! My parents do call me 'Ambie' or 'Bambi' which really does annoy me. I live in London so the name isn't interpreted stupidly, as one time I went up to Newcastle where they have a 'geordie' accent and they say it as ambA. I don't really like my name, but might change it when I'm older to something more 'normal', as everyone always thinks I'm gonna be black when they haven't seen me before, but I'm white.
jlaw  4/2/2016
I think the name Amber is all right. I would like my name to be Amber. Most people say that you don't want it to be your name because it is dried sap. But it is also a colour. So I would say it is a nice name so I don't know why most of you are complaining!
Teddy lover  4/14/2016
Everyone keeps saying that Amber is fossilized tree sap, but that's technically not true. It's actually fossilized tree resin. Resin & sap are not the same thing; not that one is necessarily any better or worse than the other. Anyways, just thought some people might be interested to know that.
WifeOfMaggie  4/18/2016
My name is Amber and it has came to me that it's part of a tree, but it's much less common for people to have names like Amber these days. I mean, I don't even go by Amber I go by Ambi, Amwan, Ambruh and I love them all. I just love them all because Amber is a very interesting name if you think about it. I'm very tomboyish and girly girl so it fits me very well.
Amwan  5/1/2016
My last name is Lambrette. Some say that in French this is L'ambrette, meaning little Amber. I like it!
ul206585  5/15/2016
This is great name... if you want your daughter to turn into a stripper dancing at the local bar.
Trump2016  7/27/2016
My name is Amber. I do not have red hair and am certainly not a hooker. In fact, I am an asian girl who grew up in a rather secure environment. Please don't bash on other people's names. It does not describe them as a person. I personally feel at times very insecure about my own name, but it is my name and I love it. People see this name as only a fossilized tree resin. It's still a gem. In some cultures "Amber" is a term used to roughly translate into "lion's heart." it also means 'strong,' and 'fierce' in other languages. Anyone who is named Amber and does not run along the lines of this stereotype placed by parts of society that says it is a hooker, stripper, stupid, etc. name, should be proud of themselves and know that it is a beautiful name that has beautiful meanings.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2016
My daughter's name is AmberRose. I love it, she loves it and everyone who knows her loves it. Yes she is blonde but she has a Masters in theoretical physics so it does not signify a dumb blonde. Fossilised tree resin is a beautiful golden semi precious stone which can contain hidden character and life from long ago and the deeper you look the more you might find. Her hair is golden and her skin rose pink. I think it is one of the most beautiful names out there so be proud, all Ambers.
Cheiis  8/13/2016
I like this name. I do not see anything bad in being named after the dried sap. Generally, I do like names that come from nature like names of flowers or some other plants. This is beautiful.
perrymasterson  10/10/2016
Beautiful name, not over used either.
nameaddictt  12/9/2016
Amber Laura Heard is an American actress. She made her film debut in 2004 in the sports drama Friday Night Lights, starring Billy Bob Thornton. After small roles in North Country and Alpha Dog, Heard played her first leading role in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and appeared in The CW television show Hidden Palms.
cutenose  1/20/2017
Amber Portwood was born in Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A. Amber was on the hit TV series, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, which followed her over the years, from her having her child to showing the struggles she faces with depression and anger issues. She gave birth to her first child, at the age of 18, on November 12, 2009 to "Leah Leann Shirley", with her on-again off-again boyfriend, "Gary Shirley". Amber dropped out of high school when she discovered she was pregnant but wants to get her G.E.D. and accomplish her dream of opening her own beauty salon. She has many troubles with her baby's father, Gary. The problems have led to physical violence. Amber was eventually arrested for domestic violence against Gary. On June 5, 2012, Amber was sentenced to 5 years in prison, after she chose to give up a drug rehabilitation program. She is going to substance abuse classes and will get her GED, while serving her time in prison.
cutenose  2/27/2017
Amber Dawn Montana also known as Amber Frank is an American actress. She is known for her role as Taylor Hathaway in the Nickelodeon series The Haunted Hathaways. Amber Montana started acting at the age of 7 in Florida before she moved to California. While in Florida she also attended Westchase Elementary School in Westchase, Tampa, Florida. After moving to California she got her first minor role in the 2008 drama movie She Could Be You. Later on, she appeared in different TV shows. In 2012, she was cast for the lead role as Taylor in the Nickelodeon sitcom The Haunted Hathaways after she had auditioned eight times for that role. She currently resides in Santa Clarita, California. Montana is of Cuban and Spanish descent.
cutenose  3/31/2017
Amber Marie Seyer is a beauty queen from Oran, Missouri who has competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant and competed for the Miss USA title in 2007. Seyer won the Miss Missouri Teen USA title in November 2002, on her first attempt and also won the Miss Photogenic award. She had previously been crowned the 2002 Cotton Carnival queen in Sikeston, Missouri, in September 2002. She later represented Missouri in the Miss Teen USA 2003 pageant broadcast live from Palm Springs, California in August 2003, but did not place. The pageant was won by Tami Farrell of Oregon. In October 2006 Seyer returned to pageantry and won the Miss Missouri USA title, also on her first attempt. She also won the Miss Congeniality and interview awards. Seyer is the sixth former Miss Teen USA delegate to win the Miss Missouri USA title, and the fifth former Missouri teen to do so. She became the fourth delegate from Miss Teen USA 2003 to win a Miss USA state crown, and the fifth former Teen USA delegate to win a Miss USA 2007 state title. Seyer represented Missouri in the Miss USA 2007 pageant broadcast live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California on March 23, 2007 and placed in the top 10.
cutenose  4/13/2017
Amber Christine Liu Chang is an American former professional tennis player and the wife of fellow tennis pro Michael Chang. At Stanford University, she was a two-time NCAA singles champion in 2003 and 2004. Her highest ranking was World No. 241 in singles and No. 600 in doubles.
cutenose  4/14/2017
Amber is an AMAZING name.
AmberLeigh03  6/7/2017
I have this name. It's so overused. There are actually 7 people in my grade that have it. Don't use an overused name. Please.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2017
My name is Amber lea Brown. I don't care if Amber is a tree or a gem because I think it's a beautiful name either way.
Hotrodgirl27  6/29/2017
Amber An, born Liao Ching-ling, is a Taiwanese model, singer and actress. Amber An entered showbiz in February 2009 through television program Celebrity Imitated Show: The Largest Political Party, in which she impersonates other celebrities, most prominently singer Yao Yao. She gained widespread fame in Taiwan after wearing just a C-string on the cover of Next Magazine in 2009—because of it, she became referred to as "Queen of C-string". In 2011, An was voted the world's sexiest woman in the Taiwanese version of magazine FHM. She started her singing career by releasing her first album on August, in which "the dancing music was created to guide the viewers to appreciate the charm of a sexy girl."
lilolaf  7/22/2017
Many of the women in my husband's family were named after gemstones (Pearl, Margaret--which means mother of pearl--, and Ruby.) We named our first born "Amber" as a tribute, in the mid-2000's. I honestly did have some reservations about it at first. I immediately thought about all of the Amber's of the early 90's, 80's pole dancers, Amber beer, and blonde ditzes. But the other thing that was trending at the time of her birth were old fashioned names, and Amber was quite popular in the Victorian era. This, in combination with the family tradition, tipped the scale for me. And I am proud to say that my daughter represents the name well. She is sweet, exceptionally smart, well spoken, very beautiful, and has an aura about her that really draws people in--she makes friends very easily. (She also happens to be blonde. ;-) ) She wears the name well, is very proud of the story behind it, and is the only Amber in her class in a sea of Ava's, Lily's and Grace's. The name has proven to be wonderfully unique for her generation (without being too unique).
― Anonymous User  9/4/2017
It actually does have Arabic origins, from the word Anbar. Amber itself is the English variant.
― Anonymous User  9/23/2017
I don’t know why, but this name used to remind me of the stereotypical annoying blonde cheerleader; but you know, it’s starting to grow on me. I actually quite like it now. It makes me think of the Amber Room at the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, which is absolutely gorgeous.
Morgan1599  11/12/2017
I love the name! I named my daughter Amber in 1986. She is not nor has she ever been a stripper or a red head. She is and will always be a precious jewel and the mother of my grandson.
Libbyambersmom  11/22/2017
My sister is named Amber Lynn and I like Amber, hate Lynn. Amber is a really pretty gemstone, like Topaz.
XironDarkstar  12/1/2017
Cute name, and I rather this spelling then Ember. This name would be one to consider.
Phoenix Gemstone  1/12/2018
Honestly, it just makes me think of Jurassic Park, so if you're a fan of Jurassic Park you know the storyline, so being named after a fossil isn't so bad ;)
AmberDGerome  1/17/2018
First name Amber, middle name Rose... real original, Mother. But hey, at least I wasn't named Hannah, which is in my opinion the most overused and annoying name ever.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2018
I have a friend named Amber. I think it is a really pretty name. In some meanings, it can mean "the sky" while in others, it means "jewel" or "gem".
― Anonymous User  3/7/2018

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