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Amedee is a pretty name, very original and I like the meaning of this name.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2006
I am surprised to see this name listed as masculine. It seems feminine to me and on other sites it lists this name as feminine.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2006
Pronounced "Ah-may-day."

I'm surprised it's listed as masculine, too. I'd expect the masculine form to be "Amédé" and the feminine to be "Amédée," but I'm still just a student of French and certainly don't know everything.
Carousel  6/18/2008
I checked and Amédé is masculine while Amédée can be both. It's very rare, quite old fashioned. Kinda nice too.
luxsword  10/24/2008
Beautiful! I can't believe it's a masculine name. I imagine a small girl of about 4-7yrs old or a grown woman being affectionately called this by friends and loved ones.
MerraDelp  7/23/2012
As a genealogical researcher with a lot of French ancestry, I can tell you that Amédée was not an uncommon name in 19th-century Louisiana. Although the double-e ending of the name is feminine, it seems to be the preferred spelling. I have yet to come across a woman with this name. My great-grandfather's brother was named Amédée, and was the manager of the family's plantation when he died unexpectedly in 1862.
PGNormand  7/18/2014
Jules Amedee Francois Maigret, or simply Inspector Jules Maigret/Inspector Maigret/Maigret, is a French police inspector created by Belgian writer Georges Simenon.
Amedee Lupien  8/27/2015

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