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Aw-maw-DAY-uh? or aw-MEE-dee-uh? or aw-meh-DEE-uh? I like the first and third options, but the second one has "media" in it which I don't like so much.
leananshae  12/19/2007
Pronounced ah-may-DAY-ah.
ponine  8/24/2008
French masculine form of this name: Amédée.
Variant used in German-speaking countries: Amadea.
― Anonymous User  3/6/2010
Gorgeous name! Amedea sounds like the name of an ancient pagan goddess to me, perhaps because it reminds me a little of names like Athena and Artemis. Unlike the male version Amadeus, it doesn´t sound the least bit pretentious or dated to me, but it still might be a tough name to pull off.
renee06  1/14/2014

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