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I have heard this name pronounced am-EE-us.
Laurea  7/10/2006
In Agatha Christie's "Five Little Pigs" (a Hercule Poirot mystery), the victim's name is Amyas Crale. The television show "Poirot" used the story (and character names) for one episode.
Laurea  7/10/2006
Yeah, I first & last heard this name in the Poirot episode. And I kinda like it.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2007
A famous bearer of this name is Amyas Godfrey, a child actor on the Classic Nickelodeon show "You Can't Do That On Television". The name on the show was pronounced "Amy-us".
laura617  5/16/2007
Amyas le Poulet is the real name of Clarence in Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court."
chelamarie  1/21/2012
When I was 17 weeks pregnant, I found out I was expecting my fifth boy and that he had a faulty kidney. Through the next 21 weeks, I grew to love the baby I was so close to losing, that Amyas was the only name that felt right: LOVED.
milliemumof7  5/12/2012
In the (David Suchet as Poirot) TV adaptation of "Five Little Pigs," Amyas is pronounced as AM-ee-əs.
erb816  1/16/2018

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