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I named my daughter Anderson Jeanise. We call her Andi for short. It has a family tie and means a lot to me. I think it will be good for her on her resume and for future job opportunities. She can later choose to go by Anderson, Andi, AJ, Jean, Jeanise. I didn't leave her with options. I get mostly positive feedback with her name. I love it.
Cfreds  8/3/2017
Named our son Anderson Major. 2 weeks before he was born we ran into a little girl named Anderson. Needless to say, we pulled the last minute switch and went with Major. I guess I'm shocked at all of the names that are crossing the gender barrier. I never thought Anderson would be used for a girl.
TTT  5/12/2015
I prefer Anders.
hkols  11/3/2014
Ehh... I'm not too fond of these -son names. Anderson and Harrison I can tolerate, but they really do sound a little too surname-y. I just hope to god this doesn't make it to the top 1000 for females.
― Anonymous User  6/12/2013
Anderson is a character on BBC's Sherlock.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2012
Reminds me of Anders, but Anders seems more like a given name. People with this name may also hear some Mr. Anderson jokes. Well, if people still remember the Matrix.
Louska  1/15/2011
I'm Swedish and for me, Anderson used as a first name sounds strange. Andersson is one of the most common family names in Sweden.
Caprice  10/5/2010
I know a woman who is planning to name her son Anderson only because it was her maiden name. I suppose it is ok, but with all the -son names for girls now in days, I predict this name will become unisex. Like Addison, Madison, and Emerson. They all mean "son of ----"
Alora  1/2/2010
Alora's prediction has come true: I heard of a young girl identified as "Anderson" during a local news program on television. I guess the person who named the child "Anderson" did not care for the name's meaning.
Mario500  1/11/2013
Anderson sounds like a surname that someone would rather go by than their first name. Like someone would say "My name is Rick Anderson, they just call me Anderson". It's a name I like, but it doesn't sound like a first name. My uncle's sister in law named her son this. It is strange as a first name. But if you want to use it, don't be bothered by what other people say.
Jeremiah2911  8/13/2008
I'm not crazy about names that are clearly surnames being used as first names. This is not a terrible name, but it will likely be shortened to Andy anyway, and people will assume it's short for Andrew. All in all, a bit too surname-y.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
I named my son Anderson (born in January 2007) and I love it. People always have a positive reaction to his name and often comment how much they like it.
bruinkristin  9/30/2007
Anderson Varejao, NBA Basketball player (forward) for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Anderson Silva, UFC fighter.
(Note: both athletes are originally from Brazil. Possibly Anderson is a popular name in Brazil?)
bruinkristin  9/30/2007
Bruinkristin: Yes, Anderson was a very common name in Brazil during the 1980's. There are many 20- or 30-and-odd Andersons living there, but not many children are given this name nowadays. (I'm Brazilian.)
Philidel  6/7/2014
Or 'son of Anders'. Believe it or not, Anders is or was a real name.
Tacyla  12/24/2006
A famous bearer: Anderson Cooper, CNN host.
AnnaClaire  11/3/2005

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