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Angel is not pronounced Un-hell in Spanish. It's pronounced Ahn-hel. It's spelled with an "a" and in Spanish that "a" is pronounced ah. This is my younger brother's name and being American they always assume he's female.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2008
My cousin pronounces it un-gel.
bibi66  5/30/2007
The Bulgarian word "angel" means "angel" in English, but in Bulgarian "angel" and "Angel" are pronounced [angel], where [a] is pronounced [a], not [ei], [g] is pronounced [g], not [dj] or [j], [e] is pronounced [e] and the stress falls on the [a].
iva_toneva  5/25/2006
In Spanish it's pronounced Un-hell (take the 'hell' bit from the throat).
― Anonymous User  10/31/2005

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