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My name is Angelle and it is pronounced ANNE-JELL.
Angelle  12/3/2004
This is my name and everyone pronounces it as ON-gelle, not an jelle. It's French.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
If this was a French name it would be pronounced awn-ZHEL. Angelle is not a French name. It is simply an English variant of Angel invented in a French style.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2009
It's true that it would be pronounced that way if it were a French name. In fact, someone who primarily spoke French would probably see it and pronounce it the same way s/he would pronounce Angèle.

It maybe could be considered a French name (though not traditionally), because apparently it's becoming a new trend in France or French-speaking countries that feminine cognates of names such as Michel double the consonant and add an e to the end, rather than adding the grave on the e and adding an e to the end. It's pronounced the same, it's just a different pronunciation device. Hence the reason you see Michelle more often than Michèle.
ragexprincess  11/1/2009
Angelle is a common surname in Cajun French (South) Louisiana, USA, especially in St. Martin parish.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2015
My last name is Angelle. We traced our name back to Angelle's who were located in Nova Scotia and were french. They were exiled by the British in the mid 1700s and wound up settling in the St. Matinville, La area. The name then was spelled Angelle.
rangelle1  7/4/2015
In south LA it is pronounced awn-zhell.
rangelle1  7/4/2015
Angelle was my daughter's (deceased) name. It is a Latin baby name meaning angel or messenger. It also means, "She knows." I pronounce it Ahn zhelle.
mochloscr  10/31/2017

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