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Annika is preferable, I think, because of its much more beautiful, classical spelling. But I suppose if the mother was Dutch and the father German, it would make sense as it would be a sort of compromise.
lunalovegood  12/8/2007
Even though the name is spelled with an E, it is pronounced as an I.
XbabygirlX  3/29/2009
My name is Anneka, spelled exactly the same way as shown above. Parents out there who are considering this name, please, please think seriously about spelling it with an I instead of an E. Through my own experiences, I have come to learn that nearly everyone who looks at this name says it stressing the long E. It's very annoying and I want to warn parents that it will be a situation that they will encounter throughout their life!
XbabygirlX  3/29/2009
My name is Anneka (lengthening the 'e'), which I do like, but I always get called 'Annika'.

Please think about the spelling.
Belle87  9/8/2015
In Britain, this name started to gain more usage from 1983 and saw triple-digit numbers of babies named Anneka from 1984-1988 (the peak being around 246 baby girls in '85 in England & Wales), coinciding with the appearances of presenter Anneka Rice as the "skyrunner" in the game show Treasure Hunt, which was first broadcast on 28th December 1982, garnered millions of viewers and lasted for 7 seasons in the original series (lasted until 1989), though Rice left the show after the sixth season ended in 1988. After that, the name fell down to double-digit numbers in the 90s and single-digits from the 2000s onward in England & Wales.
m4yb3_daijirou  3/21/2018

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