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Well, I suppose you can't spell this name wrong, since it's the same backwards and forwards! A nice name, I think.
websurfer  3/12/2006
A variant of Sumerian Anonna meaning "Lady of Heaven".
― Anonymous User  6/15/2008
In Britain there was a well-known actress, singer, and broadcaster called Anona Winn, who for many years was a panelist on the radio show "Twenty Questions".
Anona Winn (1904-94) was born in Australia as Anona Edna Wilkins.
Jonquil  9/14/2008
I have seen Anona linked with the Roman goddess of the harvest and the name is said to derive from the Latin for "pineapple"!
Jonquil  9/14/2008
It's a variant of the Sumerian Innana meaning "lady of heaven".
Maeve333  11/18/2008
I'm reminded too much of the (now archaic, but common in Shakespeare) English phrase "anon", which was synonymous with "soon" or "in a minute".
erb816  12/26/2009
I read on that this was Latin and meant "Of the Harvest". And that it was the name of the Roman goddess of harvest.
lizanna86  9/17/2011

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