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Goddess of gardens, marshes, swamps, love and flowers. Worshipped in Greece and Crete Island.
-- Minister Falcon  4/28/2005
Anthea is the name of one of the girls in the book "Five Children and It" by Edith Nesbit.
-- Anonymous User  12/20/2005
Anthea Bradbury-Scott is a character in Agatha Christie's Nemesis. She has sisters named Lavinia and Clothilde.
-- kanine  3/12/2006
It looks like a beautiful name. It reminds me of the name Aretha.
-- boogymama  8/3/2006
I was told that Anthea derived from "Athena".
-- Anonymous User  4/28/2007
In French it's pronounced, AN-tay-ah. PRETTY! Good name for a girl you want to name after an Anthony in your family!
-- leananshae  11/27/2007
How utterly gorgeous. Pronunciation, meaning, history - everything.
-- vomiting  6/12/2009
What a lovely name! It's cheerful, yet it has an almost wistful quality to it. Anthea is just a very pretty name.
-- Wilted  6/14/2009
English actress Anthea Askey.
English TV presenters Anthea Redfern & Anthea Turner.
-- Just Jonquil  8/17/2009
Anthea is the subject of a beautiful love poem by Robert Herrick. Here is a link to the poem if anyone would like to read it:
-- sweetjane9  5/26/2010
Beautiful. It could be used as a combination of Ann and Thea.
-- Bazinga  1/25/2012
I love this name, it's romantic, feminine and kind of exotic. Don't remember where I discovered it, but I've always spelled it Anthaea.
-- XIknife  1/27/2012
The usual English pronunciation is AN-thee-ə. [noted -ed]
-- SeaHorse15  8/1/2012
Anthea is the name of Mycroft Holmes' blasé assistant in the 2010 BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories. She is quite amusing.
-- dreamgirl54  2/16/2013
Beautiful name! It reminds me of Athena, but more usable. And you could use the nicknames Ann, Annie, or, my personal favourite, Thea.
-- tsarinaoftheplains  11/21/2013
It is a lovely name! I have 3 daughters, but if I was to have another I would definitely put this in my top 5 name choices to debate with my husband.
-- Jledwick  5/24/2016

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