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Antonia is the feminine form of Antonius, but it should be noted that it derives from the family name, not a male given name. Roman women were generally assigned the feminized version of the family name. Thus, Marcus Antonius had two daughters, Antonia Major and Antonia Minor. Likewise for other names -- Julia, etc.
esalathe  4/13/2005
About the Roman naming of daughters... Aside from naming daughters Antonia Major and Antonia Minor, Romans might number them (ie: Antonia Prima, Antonia Secunda, Antonia Tertia...)
SadieMarch  6/16/2005
The meaning for this name is "like a flower". Found it in a Latin website, just to let you know!
pretti_brwn_eyez  9/27/2006
Antonia has the meaning of "Priceless".
― Anonymous User  1/25/2008
Yes it does mean "priceless".
adt88  3/6/2008
Means priceless.
― Anonymous User  9/16/2008

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