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Namesakes for Antonio
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
      Antonio   1596   The Merchant of Venice  
Haitian Presidents: 1 chairman
      (chairman) Antonio Thrasybule Kébreau   1957  
Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers: 2 prime ministers, 1 prime minister/president
      (prime minister) Antonio di Rudinì   1891-1892; 1896-1898  
      (prime minister) Antonio Salandra   1914-1916  
      (prime minister/president) Antonio Segni   1955-1957; 1959-1960; 1962-1964  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 medicine
      (medicine) António Egas Moniz   1949  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Antonio Banderas   1960-  
Notable Artists: 1 painter, 1 sculptor
      Antonio di Puccio Pisano "Pisanello"   c. 1395-c. 1455  
      Antonio Canova   1757-1822  
Notable Athletes: 8 soccer, 2 football, 1 baseball, 1 cricket
      (soccer) Antonio Carbajal   1929-  
      (soccer) Sinha (a.k.a. Antônio)   1976-  
      (football) Antonio Smith   1981-  
      (soccer) Braulio Leal (a.k.a. Antonio)   1981-  
      (soccer) Gonzalo Fierro (a.k.a. Antonio)   1983-  
      (soccer) Teófilo Gutiérrez (a.k.a. Antonio)   1985-  
      (cricket) Chadwick Walton (a.k.a. Antonio)   1985-  
      (baseball) Esmil Rogers (a.k.a. Antonio)   1985-  
      (soccer) Jesús Molina (a.k.a. Antonio)   1988-  
      (football) Sean Richardson (a.k.a. Antonio)   1990-  
      (soccer) José Antonio Rodríguez   1992-  
      (soccer) Diego Antonio Reyes   1992-  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
      Antonio Pigafetta   c. 1491-c. 1531  
Notable Musicians: 2 composers
      Antonio Vivaldi   1678-1741   classical  
      Antonio Salieri   1750-1825   classical  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 inventor
      Antonio Meucci   1808-1889  
Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze, 2 gold, 1 silver
      (bronze) Rafael Vidal Castro (a.k.a. Antonio)   1984   swimming - 200 m butterfly  
      (silver) Marco Antonio González Junquera   1992   water polo  
      (bronze) Antonio Scaduto   2008   canoe sprint  
      (gold) José Antonio Rodríguez   2012   football  
      (gold) Diego Antonio Reyes   2012   football  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 1 king
      King António   1580  
Portuguese Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      (prime minister) António Costa   2015-  
Saints: 12 blessed, 8 saints
      Saint Anthony of Padua (a.k.a. António)   1195-1231  
      Blessed Anthony Manzi the Pilgrim (a.k.a. Antonio)   ?-1267  
      Blessed Antonio Pavoni   1326-1374  
      Blessed Antonio of Amandola   1355-1450  
      Blessed Antonio of Stroncone   1381-1461  
      Blessed Antonio Bonfadini   1400-1482  
      Saint Antonio Maria Zaccaria   1502-1539  
      Blessed Antonio Francisco   ?-1583  
      Blessed Antonio of Saint Bonaventure of Tuy   1588-1628  
      Blessed Antonio Grassi   1592-1671  
      Saint Antonio Dainan   ?-1597  
      Blessed Antonio Baldinucci   1665-1717  
      Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani   1681-1742  
      Saint Antonio Galvão   1739-1822  
      Saint Antonio Maria Gianelli   1789-1846  
      Blessed Marco Antonio Durando   1801-1880  
      Blessed Giovanni Antonio Farina   1803-1888  
      Saint Antoni Maria Claret (a.k.a. Antonio)   1807-1870  
      Saint Antonio Maria Pucci   1819-1892  
      Blessed Antonio Fantosati   ?-1900  
Shakespearian Characters: 5 characters
      Antonio   Much Ado About Nothing  
      Antonio   The Merchant of Venice  
      Antonio   The Tempest  
      Antonio   The Two Gentlemen of Verona  
      Antonio   Twelfth Night