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I was a little confused when I couldn't find it under unisex. I'm a boy who was born with this beautiful name. But for anyone who wants to name their child Anu it is in fact a unisex name, but it's also quite a pretty name. It rolls off the tongue and is pleasing to the ear. I do find that most people only know one Anu if they know one at all. I looked at the other Anu and I do feel that they should just be blended into one because it's the exact same, I have a Finnish unisex name, not a Near Eastern Mythology boy name. Sorry if I wasted your time.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2016
Anu is also a Hebrew name.
Ryliemuffins  11/27/2016
Pronounced AH-noo, name day (Finnish): 9.12.
ToveTer  9/6/2007
Anu is not derived from Anna. It's the name of a Celtic Goddess of the moon and the air.
audreyhubley  8/29/2006
Indian for 'Smallest Drop'.
meh  6/20/2006

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