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Could anyone tell me where or when Aquila was used as a feminine name? I want to know because I named a female character in my story Aquila, thinking that because it's grammatically feminine in Latin it'd be used for girls. But Wikipedia only mentions males having this as a first name, so I'm confused...
El is a Beth  3/29/2017
Strong's Concordance shows that the New Testament name, as written in Greek, is as follows:

Hannah103  4/30/2015
Aquila is close to an alcoholic drink. I strongly advice not to use this name- very silly.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
Saying the 'qu' as 'kw' is an anglicized mispronunciation of this Latin name. The latinized/romance language pronunciation is uh-KEE-luh. I hope the BTN editors change it on the main Aquila page to return this name to its origins. (ie., you wouldn't pronounce Miguel as "mee-gwel" would you?)
leananshae  9/28/2012
The Classical Latin pronunciation of this name is 'u-KWI-lu', so no, 'uh-KEE-luh' isn't the "latinized/romance language pronunciation". Also, considering that Aquila is originally a Latin name, there is no way to "latinize" it.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2012
This name in Spanish is pronounced uh-KEE-la. I expect that is true for a few other nationalities too.
notaclue  12/3/2008
This name is used in Italy as well.
meowelers  9/12/2008
This is also a constellation in the northern hemisphere.
earthnut  8/17/2007

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