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This is a name I used a while back for a character of mine. I think it's very pretty, and a great choice for a unique name.
aramestia  2/19/2006
A lovely name.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2006
7up  2/1/2007
It means "Aryan girl" in French, I wouldn't name my child this.
lillinparadise  8/21/2007
Aryan is an English language word derived from Sanskrit and Avestan term ârya- meaning "noble" or "spiritual". Arienne means noble girl or spiritual girl.
ltlones  10/25/2007
Never heard of that name before. No one's called this in France. It's so much like Ariane and Adrienne.
luxsword  10/24/2008
Pronunciation is literally AH - RI - ENN (with the emphasis on the 'ENN')
― Anonymous User  2/11/2011
I like the spelling a lot!
xxlovedisxx  5/6/2011
It's a pretty spelling, though I still largely prefer Ariane, Ariana, and Ariadne.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
My name is Arienne. I have always gone by Ari (air-ee). I was born in the 70's and female. This is a middle name, but I have never gone by either of my other names. NO ONE ever pronounces Ari or Arienne correctly the first time. It is air-ee-enne (N). Just like the letter N, and not pronounced like the Aryan nation. Sometimes I don't bother to correct people anymore. Anonymous comment only so my first name isn't connected to my username.
― Anonymous User  12/10/2016
I suppose this can be pronounced either air-ee-EN or ahr-ee-EN; but I favor the second pronunciation because there's less association with "Aryan." Pretty name nonetheless.
erb816  12/20/2017
Arienne is an old English name, often mistakenly suggested as a derivative of the Greek name Ariadne or Ariane. Its root is Welsh in the word 'arian', meaning white or silvery. Local accents pronounce this as Arian or Arien or Arienne to soften the name as the accent is required and heighten the last part of the name for correct pronunciation.
eridanus  1/26/2018

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