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I prefer the spelling Erin, but I think this spelling can be cute. My brother and his wife considered using it as the name for their daughter because his name was Aric, so it would be the same sort of variation.
YMPvt  7/30/2008
I think this is a nice variant of the somewhat overused Erin. =)
CanadianChibi  4/21/2009
This is even worse than Eryn.
erb816  10/9/2009
I know a little girl named Arin. Rather than using it as a alternate spelling of Erin, her parents considered it a female variant of Aaron (the name of a grandfather that had passed away). If you are wondering what the difference is, I live in an area where Erin and Aaron are pronounced differently - Erin is ERR-in and Aaron is like AIR-in. The Arin I know pronounces her name AIR-in. Although a lot of people ask "You mean Erin?" when they first hear her name, I think it really suits her.
tigerlily0909  11/15/2010
I like it as a nickname for Katharine. I spell my name Katharine and, while I go by Katie, I think Arin would be a neat nickname.
― Anonymous User  5/19/2011
This is my name, I'm of Irish heritage and my parents pronounce it "ah-rin". Living in New Zealand, this is how other people seem to instinctively pronounce it. I'm almost always nicknamed "Ari" (ah-ree).
pangurban  3/9/2014
Arin Hanson (more commonly known as Egoraptor) is a popular animator and host of the web-series 'Game Grumps'. He has claimed that his name was given as a variant of 'Aaron'.
NamesInterestMe  11/5/2014
Arin is my middle (I am female). The reason my parents spelled it like this is because they wanted it to be unique. My dad's middle name is Aaron, so they combined it with the female spelling, Erin. My best friend's name is Erin too, so it's funny.
oX_Skyler_Arin_Xo  2/20/2016
A man from a famous YouTube channel known as Game Grumps, Arin Hanson, alternatively called Egoraptor, bears this name.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2016
The name Arin was given to 56 boys and 34 girls in the US in 2016. I actually prefer the spelling for boys myself.
Lady_Skywalker  5/16/2017

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