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Arista is also the name of one of the princesses in the Disney film 'Ariel the Little Mermaid'.
astri_parel  6/26/2005
Arista Records, a record company.
patchworkgirl  2/5/2006
It's also Greek, meaning "best".
Lady Seashell  4/13/2008
It sounds like a brand name and means ear of corn.
Aureliano  3/2/2010
Kinda reminds me of aristocrat, but I like it! Arista has a cool and chic sound to me, sort of like an aristocrat. ^-^
Hannah_E  6/17/2010
It comes off to me as the kind of name that could be used for a Mary-Sue.
CrystalGlacia  7/8/2010
I don't understand why this name is so unpopular, it's different but not too far out there. It's feminine, but not to frilly. Love it!
haileyrose  1/8/2011
Feminized version of ARISTOS, derived from Greek αριστος (aristos) meaning "the best".
― Anonymous User  4/25/2011
Absolutely beautiful. It sounds so lovely and poetic. The meaning is kinda plain, and I can't think up a good nickname, but that's alright.
Black_X  7/18/2011
Arista is related to the ancient Greek "aristos," meaning "good."
forbalathegreen  7/30/2011
Arista is also a character in the 'Riyria Revelations' fantasy book series by Michael J. Sullivan. Arista is a beautiful, strong willed princess in the series.
tsarinaoftheplains  4/17/2016
I've read before that it comes from the word 'aristocrat'.
tsarinaoftheplains  4/24/2016
So gorgeous and graceful. Arista is a name for someone with a lot of grace and poise, yet who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
This is such a gorgeous name! I think Astrid and Arista could be beautiful girl twin names too!
thezenithofnadir  2/10/2017

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