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Arleen Sorkin is an American actress who, among other things, did the voice of Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn on Batman: The Animated Series (and other places, eg. games like Arkham Asylum from 2009). The character Harley Quinn was inspired by a scene she had on another show where she wore a jester outfit in a dream sequence.

I like the name best when spelled like that of Ms Sorkin.
Katrine  12/17/2009
I would spell this name Arleen, which is a variant of Arline.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2009
One of my dear friends in high school was supposed to have this as her middle name. Supposed to. However, when she was born, her mother was so delirious from the painkillers that she wrote out "Lauren Airline" on the birth certificate.
― Anonymous User  5/8/2008
This name looks like the word airline.
― Anonymous User  9/9/2006
Arline actually seems to have been invented for the title character in the opera "The Bohemian Girl", first performed in London in 1843.
[noted -ed]
clevelandkentevans  10/24/2005

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