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Arrigo Boito Italian writer and composer. He wrote the libretti for some of Verdi's best operas as well as writing some himself. His masterpiece is 'Mefistofele' based on Goethe's 'Faust' and also one about the emperor Nero.
Anton  3/11/2010
The Italian pronunciation of "Arrigo" is as follows:


"A" is as usual, found in "Father." Pay specific attention to the distinct pronunciation of both "RR"s-- each must be spoken. It is most easily accomplished by adding emphasis to the letter immediately before (in this case "A") and working through, slowly. "R"s are also rolled, for the record. "I" is stressed to "EE." Next is a hard "G." "O" is as always, "Oh." [noted -ed]
Francesca  8/29/2011
Diminutives for this name include Arrighino, Arrighetto and Arriguccio. The feminine form is the rare Arriga.
JJSkeete  5/18/2015

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