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A famous bearer was Danish actress Asta Nielsen.
else_dk  9/19/2005
The name of the dog in the Thin Man.
amabel  11/8/2006
This is the word for auction in Italian.
ketchuptwins  4/8/2007
Sorta famous, I guess. Asta was Crispin's mother in the book "Crispin: The Cross of Lead" by Avi.
xKatiex  6/9/2007
Pronounced AHS-tah in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  12/12/2009
Also used in Finland.
Erme Ioainna  7/30/2013
I can't help but think of the dog in The Thin Man series but it's a really spunky, cute nickname for Astrid. I like it!
pennycarroll  3/9/2014
Makes me think of the punk band Asta Kask.
IsolationHedge  4/30/2015
Also Dutch.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2017
The name can also be found in Lithuania.
According to the birth census, it's not very popular, although is still in common use.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2017
Asta is a male character from the anime "Black Clover".
Princess_Shireen  4/17/2018

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