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Pronunciation is Astri-ah (like an astrid).
Jeana Bradbury  1/17/2006
A lovely, bright, happy name.
nelirosala  6/26/2006
There's something visually pleasing about this name to me. It's pretty aloud, too.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2008
For some reason, I like names with stra in them, whether it be a suffix or part of the name (I can't really think of an instance of prefix). There's also a song that I played on the piano once, called Estralita, and this name reminds me of it. Also, this name is very pretty.
themoongirl  4/3/2008
In Greek mythology, Astraea is the goddess (and personification) of justice, along with her mother, Themis.
IronTears  6/9/2008
I love this name, particularly as I myself am a Virgo. It would be a beautiful, unique name for a girl - the only problem I would foresee would be constantly having to spell it!
Little Owl  2/14/2009
To Jeana Bradbury: I disagree; I believe it should be 'ah-stray-ah', which I would believe to sound far more refined than what you proposed.

To the anonymous user: I'm certain the 'verbal prettiness' you're talking about comes - at least in part - from the long 'ah' vowels at both ends? ^_^
seraphine_eternal  6/1/2009
Actually, I'm pretty sure Astraea was the Greek Goddess of innocence, and her mother Themis was the Goddess of Justice.
jesse rae  10/26/2009
Not quite. Themis' form of justice was more of the cosmic order, whereas Astraea's (in versions of the mythology where "Astraea" is just an epithet and her name is actually Diké) is human justice. The two domains differ.
seraphine_eternal  10/15/2010
I love, love, LOVE this name! So beautiful and has such a nice ring to it when said aloud. And the connection it has to innocence and justice makes it even more beautiful and strong. Gorgeous. ^-^
Hannah_E  6/16/2010
It's just sooo beautiful! It practically sparkles when you say it.
Caprice  12/12/2011
When Astraea became the constellation Virgo, her scales of justice became the constellation of Libra.
clouds  5/18/2012
I love names rooted in mythology and this has to be one of my favourites. Everything about it is just so pleasant; It flows beautifully and the mythological connotation is wonderful.
badinlatin  4/10/2015
Astraea was the code name used by Aphra Behn (1640-89) when she was spying on continental Europe (specifically Antwerp) for King Charles II. Yes, she was a spy before becoming the first woman in recorded history to entirely support herself with income gained via writing.
erb816  6/25/2015
So gorgeous and magical sounding, I love it. I think it'd be a lovely name to hear more often on real women and girls. I picture an Astraea as a singer or a dancer, someone artistic and creative.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Title character of the indie film Astraea (2015), about a clairvoyant teenager and her brother trying to make their way to Nova Scotia after an apocalyptic plague. Pronounced uh-stray-uh in the film.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2017

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