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I love this name. It sounds witchy and wonderful. Icy and magical. Anyone with this name has an air of mystery around them.
name_obsession  8/17/2005
Sounds too close Atlanta for me.
bibi66  1/12/2007
"Atalanta" doesn't really roll of my tongue very well, though that could be just me. I think many people would think it was "Atlanta" at first glance.
scarletquillraven  10/19/2007
I really like this name. Though I'd probably give her the nickname Tallie or Tala to reinforce "ah-TAH-lan-ta".
LynnMar  10/26/2008
A derivation of 'Atalanta' is 'Atlanta'.
1m4n  1/3/2009
Stupid meaning.
― Anonymous User  4/6/2009
The meaning isn't very good.
Kerules  5/28/2009
I actually quite like the story behind this Mythological name. The name itself doesn't flow very well for me, so I would hesitate to use it.
vomiting  6/12/2009
I like this name because I am called Atalanta. Kind of upset that others don't like it. In my opinion it's better than a name like Emily or Jane. But that's my opinion.
mnky-2  7/4/2009
I think it's a beautiful name, but I quite prefer Atalante (att-uh-LAN-tee). I think it's prettier, flows better, and solves the problem many of you have mentioned of being confused with "Atlanta."
honey.bee  8/28/2009
I love how this name sounds, but most people who are not familiar with classical culture (it should be taught more in schools) would probably associate it with 'Atlanta' and (no offense to anyone who lives there!) Atlanta has really no popular historical lore like Savannah or Sidney.
MiryamChannah  1/10/2012
Reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea and the gorgeous marble columns of Ancient Greece. The "A" is defined enough for the name not to be mistaken for Atlanta, at least in my opinion. :)
AlexandrianScrolls  7/16/2014
Pretty name, has lots of potential nicknames!
― Anonymous User  5/17/2015
The meaning is great with a little context. What they've written here about the hero Atalanta is far from the full story. That's right, I said hero. She was pretty much the only woman in Greek myth to receive treatment similar to that of a male hero. She was rejected by her father who wanted a son and left to die, suckled by a bear and raised by hunters, single-handedly killed two aggressive and powerful centaurs when they tried to rape her, was the first amongst a group of hunters (comprised of heroes like Jason and Theseus) to manage to wound the Calydonian Boar, and according to some sources was one of the Argonauts. Oh and she beat Peleus, the father of Achilles, in a wrestling match - who was one of the most skilled wrestlers in all of Greece. In this context her name implies that she is equal to a man in power, strength and heroism.
Cassius  1/11/2016
Atalanta is one of the names of the protagonist in the German novel "Atalanta Läufer_in" by Lilly Axster. The gender of this character is never revealed and by many assumed to be nonbinary.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2016

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