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Atlas never bore the world on his shoulders; he was actually condemned by Zeus to bear the sky. Heracles held the sky for him once. The Atlas Mountains are named for him. [noted -ed]
-- breakofday  7/23/2006
Atlas is the middle name of the son of British television presenter Kirstie Allsopp (famous for presenting Channel 4 shows Location Location Location, Relocation Relocation and The Property Chain). Her son's full name is Bay Atlas Anderson.
-- Anonymous User  8/10/2006
An atlas is a book of maps.
-- FairyGirl  8/28/2006
Atlas is the name of Astro Boy's arch-enemy and brother from the 1980's television series 'Astro Boy'.
-- nafer1  4/5/2007
I like the name and the connotation (though, not so much the denotation).
-- Anonymous User  6/19/2008
"King Atlas, a mythical King of Mauretania, was, according to legend, a wise philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who supposedly made the first celestial globe." -
-- tigerlilly  11/19/2008
Anne Heche and James Tupper have a son named Atlas Heche Tupper.
-- emmiix3  3/11/2009
This is a very strong and masculine name, and I admire anyone brave enough to use it.
-- vomiting  5/29/2009
In Portal co-op, the blue playable robot is named Atlas.
-- deja-entendu  9/24/2011
I love this name. It evokes strength, wisdom, and worldliness and has a deep history behind it and its meaning is quite contradictory to the Greek myth. This is at the top of my boy's list, and I will be using this for a future son one day. I love the mythological story behind the name, and the fact that Atlas is associated with globes and maps shouldn't deter one from using this name.

I should also note that it is growing in popularity. It is about time that this name receives some recognition and appreciation.
-- UniqueNameLover  10/6/2011
Atlas from Bioshock. ("Would you kindly...?")

I still love the name, though!
-- Anonymous User  10/27/2011
I refuse to believe this is an actual name.
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2014
I adore the strong, masculine feel to the name. But I can imagine Geography lessons in school!
-- Rosalba  6/6/2015
Atlas may also mean "The Bearer (of the Heavens)," from a-, copulative prefix, + stem of tlenai "to bear."
-- eemeelee  10/9/2015

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