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Atlas never bore the world on his shoulders; he was actually condemned by Zeus to bear the sky. Heracles held the sky for him once. The Atlas Mountains are named for him. [noted -ed]
breakofday  7/23/2006
Atlas is the middle name of the son of British television presenter Kirstie Allsopp (famous for presenting Channel 4 shows Location Location Location, Relocation Relocation and The Property Chain). Her son's full name is Bay Atlas Anderson.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2006
An atlas is a book of maps.
FairyGirl  8/28/2006
Atlas is the name of Astro Boy's arch-enemy and brother from the 1980's television series 'Astro Boy'.
nafer1  4/5/2007
I like the name and the connotation (though, not so much the denotation).
― Anonymous User  6/19/2008
"King Atlas, a mythical King of Mauretania, was, according to legend, a wise philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who supposedly made the first celestial globe." -
tigerlilly  11/19/2008
Anne Heche and James Tupper have a son named Atlas Heche Tupper.
emmiix3  3/11/2009
This is a very strong and masculine name, and I admire anyone brave enough to use it.
vomiting  5/29/2009
In Portal co-op, the blue playable robot is named Atlas.
deja-entendu  9/24/2011
I love this name. It evokes strength, wisdom, and worldliness and has a deep history behind it and its meaning is quite contradictory to the Greek myth. This is at the top of my boy's list, and I will be using this for a future son one day. I love the mythological story behind the name, and the fact that Atlas is associated with globes and maps shouldn't deter one from using this name.

I should also note that it is growing in popularity. It is about time that this name receives some recognition and appreciation.
UniqueNameLover  10/6/2011
Atlas from Bioshock. ("Would you kindly...?")

I still love the name, though!
― Anonymous User  10/27/2011
I refuse to believe this is an actual name.
― Anonymous User  11/28/2014
I adore the strong, masculine feel to the name. But I can imagine Geography lessons in school!
Rosalba  6/6/2015
Atlas may also mean "The Bearer (of the Heavens)," from a-, copulative prefix, + stem of tlenai "to bear."
eemeelee  10/9/2015
Atlas was a name before it was an object. Also, it is 2015 and when the child grows up, very few of his classmates will even know what an Atlas is. Sad yes, but true.
RLee  12/2/2015
I think that Atlas is a lovely name! Cute for a child and so fascinating for a boy/man.

I can see it on a very active child who will become a very strong character and smiling man.
Felie  3/17/2016
Your interpretation of the name Atlas by its very meaning is the opposite of its intent. The name Atlas, in essence, implies great strength. Atlas does indeed endure as he is punished/trusted with resting the world/sky on his shoulders and has consequently never failed. I respectfully request that you change the meaning of the name to reflect. This is not a name fit for a girl/woman. [noted -ed]
Atlasq  11/12/2016
Yes, Atlas may evoke some negative connotations. But, Atlas from Greek Myths was punished for his wrongdoing and can serve as an example to your son.
1lizam234  8/19/2017

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