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Atlas never bore the world on his shoulders; he was actually condemned by Zeus to bear the sky. Heracles held the sky for him once. The Atlas Mountains are named for him. [noted -ed]
breakofday  7/23/2006
Atlas may also mean "The Bearer (of the Heavens)," from a-, copulative prefix, + stem of tlenai "to bear."
eemeelee  10/9/2015
Atlas was a name before it was an object. Also, it is 2015 and when the child grows up, very few of his classmates will even know what an Atlas is. Sad yes, but true.
RLee  12/2/2015
Your interpretation of the name Atlas by its very meaning is the opposite of its intent. The name Atlas, in essence, implies great strength. Atlas does indeed endure as he is punished/trusted with resting the world/sky on his shoulders and has consequently never failed. I respectfully request that you change the meaning of the name to reflect. This is not a name fit for a girl/woman. [noted -ed]
Atlasq  11/12/2016

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