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Aulis is becoming a rather rare name in Finland, like most adjective names. It's a shame since it's such a flattering name. (By the way, my grand-father is named Aulis.)
Vodrilus  4/7/2006
Aulis Sallinen, Finnish composer. His perhaps most famous works are operas "Ratsumies" (horseman) and "Punainen viiva" (red line).
ToveTer  5/27/2007
I suppose the most "famous bearer" of this name for many of my generation is Aulis-jänis (Aulis the Rabbit) from the Finnish Alphabet book series Iloinen Aapinen.
nenmo  7/8/2010
I LOVE this name... it's classic and old-rooted in Finland, but another completely undiscovered name by Americans. Very masculine and modern.
stephanja  1/23/2014

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