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Pronounced AY-vril.
excentryke  7/28/2005
A variant is Averell. A famous bearer of the name is W. Averell Harriman, Governor of New York (1955-59) and Ambassador to the USSR (1943-46) and the United Kingdom (1946).
excentryke  7/28/2005
People often regard the meaning of this name ('Boar warrior') as vulgar, but they fail to consider what the boar meant and symbolised for the Anglo-Saxons.

The boar was one of their most sacred animals; it was held in reverence as a creature of great strength/power and a talisman of divine protection in battle. It has been linked to the god Ingui-Frea.
Beornhild  12/21/2006
Anne Shirley in the "Anne of Green Gables" series wrote a story called "Averil's Atonement".
scholasticastewart  1/27/2008
Averill can be pronounced "AV-uh-ril" or "AY-vril".
Hannah Ruth  3/20/2018

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