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I prefer this spelling because it looks more modern than Avis. The only downside is that it looks kind of like 'a vice.'
ListenToAsuka  10/15/2011
I think this name, or Avis, an alternate spelling, would sound lovely if pronounced with a French accent. :)
blondieboo629  10/25/2011
I will not pretend to deny my fondness for the name "Avis," and consequently: "Avice."
Regardless, I foresee issues with pronunciation (particularly with this spelling)... as it was previously pointed out, "Avice" resembles the two words which create "A Vice"; but I also see the possibility for it to be mistakenly voiced as "Advice" (not to mention, looking like it)-- or the same pronunciation (but with a dropped 'd'), which equals what a toddler would say when attempting for the first time.

Ultimately, I find it highly difficult to see myself ever adding to it's usage. Even so, it is sweet-- but best left to the pages.
Francesca  1/23/2012
China Miéville used this name in his book "Embassytown" for the main character, Avice Benner Cho. Pronounced ah-VEES.

Personally, the name always reminded me of the word "avarice" but I love the character, so...
Diest  9/13/2014

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