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What a beautiful and unique version of the uprising and lovely Abigail! Avigail is wonderful!
Strangak  5/22/2013
Avigail is my daughter's name. I really wanted to name her after my grandmother who was named Sandra Gail. And I loved the name Abigail but wanted something different (and Hebrew was a plus). We call her Avigail most of the time, and Avi is her nickname (pronounced Ah-vee).
The only downside: when people ask what her name is, they think we say Abigail and we constantly have to correct them. It's Avigail with a V people!
avigailsmommy  11/23/2009
Pronounced ah-vee-gah-eel.
Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Avigayil means "Father's Joy" in Hebrew. In the Bible, Avigayil was one of the wives of King David, as well as a prophetess.
luckyak613  1/17/2006
This is my first name, and I think that it is beautiful. The English version, Abigail, is nice too, but I love this Hebrew name.
luckyak613  1/17/2006

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