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Pronounced A-vr.
dreamflower  2/2/2008
I simply love the name. It's uncommon, strong but still a beautiful girl's name.
LoQuiero  2/5/2008
The spelling Avra is Greek, it translates to aura or breeze. The more common spelling Avrah is the feminine form of Abraham in Hebrew, which is Avram or Avraham.
aray324  5/29/2008
All of the Avras I know (and I know several) are Greek, and they pronounce it AH-vrah. I think the other user is right about it being a Greek name (also if you google it, it's largely associated with Greek people and places). I don't know about it being derived from αὔρη (aúrē) meaning breeze though. [noted -ed]
Ora  11/24/2014
Pronounced Ahv'rah. Accent on the first syllabil, flat A's like in lava.
aray324  5/29/2008
I saw this name on a real estate sign and fell in love. I pronounce it A-vra, with the first A being a long vowel sound. It's short, sweet and lovely. I also think it would age well.
C.Ambrosi  10/27/2013
My name is Avra. Going through school, I really didn't appreciate being identified so differently to most kids. I just wanted a name like the other girls. Something more common. But now, I really do like it, and am grateful to have a unique name.
My background is Greek, and I have been told it means ocean breeze as well as the heat coming from a fire and it also means an aura. All of which I love.
I know that I was named after my grandfather who was named Avraam. I suspect that he may have come from a Jewish background, but his family history is unknown, other than he was an orphan (teenager perhaps) in Cyprus in the late 1800's. I am proud to have been named after him, and would be just as proud if my suspicions were true.
My (Greek) parents pronounced the 'A's' in my name similar to 'U' in umbrella, but in English the 'A's' are pronounced more like a short 'A' as in hat.
I would be happy to hear from others who share the same name.
AvraC  8/3/2015
Well hi, Austin last name Avra just adding/updating the comments. I've been told I am partly native American, on my dad's side. I don't really know anymore about it, I'm just a white guy from Seattle.
Audi Leroy  2/17/2018
Avra, while being Greek in origin, can also be related to the Chronicles of Narnia as one of the three Lone Islands that King Caspian travels to on his quest to find the easternmost edge of the world.
BellaMackenzie  2/28/2018

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