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It should be mentioned that in modern Hebrew Ayelet is a decline of Ayala (Gazelle) which means "Ayala of...". Ayelet is also originated from the phrase "Ayelet Ahavim" (Gazelle of love) from Proverbs 5:19.
-- ishai  4/3/2005
Reminds me of eyelet.
-- me.liss.a  6/22/2005
Pronounced eye-eh-let.
-- Miss Claire  7/29/2006
Ayelet Zorer (sometimes written "Zurer") is an Israeli actress, who appeared in many Israeli movies and TV shows, and also in a few Hollywood movies, among them Spielberg's "Munich".
-- LilyFair  3/10/2007
Pronounced eye-EH-let.
-- Inbal  5/1/2007
Ayelet Waldman is the author of the Mommy-Track Mysteries, and is married to fellow author Michael Chabon.
-- alphadogma  1/21/2008
Such a lovely, soft, feminine name, I'd use it for my daughter - and I'm not even Jewish. I met a very warm, motherly Israeli woman named Ayelet once. Makes me think of white eyelet lace. I pronounce it like Violet without the V, three syllables.
-- Anonymous User  8/13/2009
Personally, I pronounce it "eye-YELL-iht", such as "I yell it". Perhaps it's not the "correct" pronunciation (putting the "y" in the second syllable), but it's how I can best say it as an English speaker. This is a much more accurate pronunciation than "eyelet".
-- Tiger Lilly  6/24/2013
"Ayelet Chen" is a traditional song of the Jews of Yemen, popularized by the famous Israeli singer Ofra Haza in her 1984 album "Yemenite Songs". The lyrics are by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (1619-1720).
-- Tiger Lilly  6/24/2013
It reminds me of eyelet. Pretty name, pretty meaning, it's just all around pretty.
-- RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016

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