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Beautiful meaning.
kayisforkeen  10/3/2018
It's a really great Turkic name. Ayla means halo, moonlight and pronunciation is like Eye-la.
― Anonymous User  11/4/2017
Ayla doesn't 'possibly' mean 'moonlight, halo', it does mean 'moonlight, halo'. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  11/18/2016
A dreamy name, Pillows marsh mellows and clouds. A soft, quiet girl who dosen't like to be noticed, but with a twist of impatience and wildness.
What M_E  8/8/2016
Ayla Kell, teenage star of the ABC Family series Make it or Break it, is a famous bearer. Her character is named Payson Keeler.
popular1  1/4/2010
I have been proud to have this as my name since the day I was born, contrary to people who I meet now and again who believe that I took on the moniker after the popularity of the Clan of the Cave Bear series. Not so! Although I loved the story, it was always a little irritating to hear MY name being mispronounced. Not only by the neanderthal people who adopted Ayla, but by Ayla herself. (or perhaps more correctly, Jean Auel!)

My mother was born and raised in Turkey and she named me on my date of birth, FAR before there were ANY Clan of the Cave Bear books! (well, maybe not THAT far hehe!)

Ayla: which translated from Turkish to English means something to the effect of "moon" or "moonlight/moonbeam".

This is the first website I have ever seen that has offered a different meaning other than the more common "oak tree" (I cannot even say if that is a correct definition!)

I was always baffled by the fact that the Turkish meaning was nowhere to be found. Thank you for clearing up an issue that has been a never ending source of irritation to me; having to explain to all I meet that I was certainly NOT named after a TREE! :)
Aylajojo  12/16/2008
I forgot to add, the correct pronunciation is "Eye-lah" rather than "Hey-la" (without the the H!)
Aylajojo  12/16/2008
I think that this (but I know that one of the three versions) is pronounced Ey (as in Hay, but without the H)-Lah (as in the French "Le").
DontDissMadison  12/30/2007
Sounds the same as the Scottish name Isla. Pronounced Eye-La.
emmasitar  9/30/2006

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