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Ayn can also be short for Aynsley.
revoLucian1776  9/18/2017
I made Ayn part of my youngest daughter's first name, AcaciaAyn, and is like Maryann in its pronunciation. I felt that Ayn was more romantic and feminine looking when written. Now she usually goes by Caci or sometimes CaciAyn, but has initial necklaces with both A and C and custom made name necklaces.
Avacarho  9/4/2016
Ayn is the Old English version of Ann.
Avacarho  9/4/2016
Ayn Robbins is a poet and artist who has written songs for The Rescuers. I wonder who she was named after...
AnastasiaE  9/2/2013
The Finnish name Ayn Rand based her nom de plume on may have been Aino.
overtheclouds  9/22/2012
I think the name Ayn sounds and looks pretty cool. I read somewhere it is derived from "Ann." I'm a libertarian and a fan of Austrian economics. I like Ayn Rand's fiction. I don't consider Ayn Rand a sophisticated economist or someone to take ideas from. The way I see it this name is probably going to be ranked by whether or not you like Ayn Rand, and by few other standards. If you don't mind the constant association, go right ahead, it's a unique and cool looking name.
revoLucian1776  7/22/2011
Ayn. Rhymes with swine. And "Mine! Mine! Mine!"
angolmois  4/18/2010
Ayn Rand was a horrible author and philosopher. Putting that aside, the name might look sort of cool written down, but it isn't so pleasant spoken or heard. This is certainly not a name to actually bestow on real people.
Ouaie  2/16/2010
Only Randroids, that is, people who actually share the heinous views of Ayn Rand, would use this rather ugly name on their daughter. If you have a daughter with this name, I'll know to avoid you and your social Darwinist views. It just screams ''my parents are cult member types''.
slight night shiver  4/19/2008
My first name is Ayn. I was named after Ayn Rand by my mother, however, I pronounce my name A+YIN. I think my family starting saying "AYIN" instead of "IEN".
lucyinthesky  9/13/2005
My middle name is AYN. My father was reading the book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand, when I was born.
aynie61  6/17/2005

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