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Alternate spelling: Azhure.
ditchvictory  10/6/2005
Beautiful name!
― Anonymous User  2/9/2006
Absolutely gorgeous. I love it!
CamilleTheGreat  6/7/2006
This is a great name for somebody with blue eyes.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2006
Simply amazing. :)
Jasmine  3/4/2007
I love this name. I can picture a little girl or a woman with it, which I think is an important part of naming someone.
golden_eyes  6/26/2007
The American Heritage English Dictionary says:
Middle English, from Old French azur, from Medieval Latin azura, from Arabic al-lâzaward, the Azure : al-, the + lâzaward, Azure (from Persian lâjward, lapis lazuli).
[noted -ed]
earthnut  9/8/2007
I think this name sounds so unique but not outlandish. It reminds me of a beautiful yet quirky girl who loves art or music. Would name my daughter this if I ever had one.
Lait du Chocolat  4/6/2008
I slightly prefer the sound of Azura, but this is the one that isn't used in the Bible, even if it derives from that name. This is a cool and pretty name, but it sounds quite foreign. I like the meaning behind it, though, as I love the sky, and blue in its many shades is my favorite color. I'm not sure what name this could go with, though.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
I, personally, adore this name! Is it me, or does this name sound French? Anyway, If I have a daughter, I might consider this.
missBridget  8/1/2008
I like it pronounced ah-zhur-AY.
CutieCupcake  8/23/2008
Very, very pretty! Perfect if the child has blue eyes.
-Julia-  7/26/2009
I once saw this movie names "Azur et Asmar" or "The Princes' Quest" in English-speaking countries (the original is "Azur et Asmar" and is a French movie.) I much prefer it as a boy's name when spelled without the "e".
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
I love this name very much. When I hear this name, a strong woman comes to my mind. A strong, beautiful, blue-eyed woman. This name is so lovely.
xxlovedisxx  5/3/2011
I really like this name, but I would never name my daughter this, because it's like naming a kid "Orange" or "Green" or "Purple" or something. At least it's not as bad as naming your kid "Blue". :)
bonjourfrenchfry  7/23/2011
It's cute, I'll give it that. But I think it sounds rather incomplete. I much prefer the similar Azula.
Black_X  7/24/2011
I see Azure as more of a boy's name. It sounds too strong for a girl to me. But, as a male name, I find it quite nice~
EchoSketcher  9/26/2011
Azure was given to 35 baby girls and 16 baby boys born in the USA (2015).
lilolaf  1/25/2017
The name Azure was given to 15 boys and 26 girls in the US in 2016.
Lady_Skywalker  5/16/2017
I know a woman named Azure and it suits her. She has brown eyes and hair though, but its still nice. I thinks its better than Azura, and it's better than Asher on a girl.
XironDarkstar  9/8/2017

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