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Ba'al is an evil guy on Stargate SG1.
Luangi  11/19/2006
Phoenicians were Caananites, and Ba'al was their chief god. Although the name itself only means "lord," its association is the reason the Caananites created names with Ba'al as an element (Jezebel, Hannibal, etc). It's also the reason Hebrew rarely uses the word Baal, but prefers the word adoni or adonai to describe a lord.
Atarah Derek  9/10/2007
Although I would not name my child this name exactly, some names I am considering for future children of mine have Ba'al as a derivative. That makes this name and its meaning a relative issue, as well as its connotations and possible issues it could create for a bearer of it. Although I appreciate members of this site voicing their concern for such children, I don't exactly appreciate their mocking tone of the name itself, as it has a rich heritage and place in many cultures. However, I am sure they meant nothing by their remarks.
Argetlam092  6/10/2008
This name is stupid. It sounds like "ball", and besides, Ba'al was portrayed as a demon in the Old Testament.
bananarama  6/27/2009
Name of the Day: June 27th, 2011.
AndrewJKD  6/28/2011
If you have twins and name both of them this, then check it out, you have a pair of Ba'als.
cool Juif  11/10/2017

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