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BARA is also the diminutive of Barbara in Croatia. Another short form is BARICA.
goricar  12/4/2009
Pronounced "bah-rah" (long).
MaggieSimpson  8/18/2010
Bára is in the 55th place in year 2008. There were born 239 little girls.
Bára is in the 96th place in year 2009. There were born 250 little girls.
In Czechia there are living 2366 women and girls named Bára. Name is in 170th place of most popular names.
Meg_Simpson  9/25/2010
It means "wave", "billow" in Old Norse.
Samantha Carter  9/6/2014
Bára was one of nine daughters ("billow maidens") of Ægir and Rán in the Northern mythology, each name reflecting a different characteristic of ocean waves:

Bára (or Drǫfn) - Foam Fleck, Comber
Blóðughadda - Bloody Hair (a reference to red sea foam)
Bylgja - Billow
Dúfa - Pitching Wave
Hefring - Rising Wave
Himinglæva - Transparent Wave
Hrǫnn - Welling Wave
Kolga - Cool Wave
Unnr (or Uðr) - Frothing Wave.
Samantha Carter  9/18/2017

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