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Ugh, if my name was Barbara, I wouldn't want to be called Barb!
― Anonymous User  9/4/2005
The Barb is the name of a very old breed of horse.
ladyknight  7/26/2006
My gam's name is Barb. I love the name even though it sounds old. Lol. Anywho, love the name but not for me.
tinabe  7/22/2007
If you look at successful people in the world, they don't shorten their names. Barbara is a much better name than Barb if you want to be taken seriously.
Kaia  9/23/2007
Barb Henrickson is one of the three wives on the TV show Big Love. She is played by Jeanne Tripplehorn.
Luanna  1/30/2008

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