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Dwight Schultz plays Lt. Reginald Barclay in the T.V. series "Star Trek: Next Generation." His nickname on the show is Lt. Broccoli.
breakofday  12/30/2005
I know of a dog with this name, spelled Barkley.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2006
My name is Barclay and I'm a girl. It's pronounced BAR-CLAY just how it looks. Oh and I love my name so much!
― Anonymous User  4/11/2009
Barclay was a slave and the first ever person to build a cotton gin in Mississippi, after seeing Eli Whitney's notes.
Dawson  9/30/2010
Sounds like a snobby British name to me, like Benedict or Archibald.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2013
Cute name for a dog. I like the spelling Barkley a lot, that's adorable (for a dog of course). I'm horrified to see that this name is actually used on girls. What are those parents thinking? Imagine a 40 year old woman named Barclay. Heck, imagine a girl of any age with the name! It doesn't sound right at all. It seems as if every masculine name is becoming feminized these days...
― Anonymous User  8/6/2013
LOL I am reading posts about dogs named Barkley and cute name for a dog- lol MY 15 year old dog is named Barkley! No, I would never consider Barkley or Barclay (I hate that spelling) for a girl - it is definitely a boys' name.
lorimorton  6/10/2015

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