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Pronounced beh-LEN. [noted -ed]
Phoenix Flower  10/7/2005
Bethlehem derives from the Hebrew Bayt Lahm.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2006
This is a character in Bloomability, YAY! Sadly in the database there is no: Crick, Santolina, Keisuke, or Guthrie. OUTRAGEOUS!
lunalovegood  11/13/2006
I've also seen this used on males, oddly enough. Probably not very common though. ;)
Claire H  12/9/2006
Another meaning for the name is Greek, "arrow".
Dravinus  10/17/2007
Ana Belén was a very popular combo for girls in Spain during the 70's and early 80's. I think its popularity stems from singer and actress Ana Belén.
Nosferatu  12/16/2007
Belen is a character in the play Anon(ymous), written by Naomi Iizuka. Belen and her father are immigrants to the United States from Central America. Her father is dead (a ghost), and later in the play Belen dies as well, in a truck crash that the protagonist somehow survives.
Petroushka  2/7/2008
Belén Rueda was the actress in the lead role in the film, The Orphanage.
neschria  5/11/2009
My older sister's name is Belen. I myself am not a huge fan (it's a nice name) but whenever I tell anyone, they always compliment on how nice it sounds.
veronica.voodoo  6/19/2009
This name is so pretty! I love that it came from the city of Bethlehem=) I would pronounce it like (Bay Lynn).
― Anonymous User  11/11/2010
House of bread? Man that made me laugh. It's a pretty name though.
citylights  8/12/2013
Love it! Never hear this name before, but now that I have here's my impression: sincere, beautiful, and intelligent. I imagine a girl with this name to be unique and very friendly, too.
Bluefield  11/20/2013
After saying it aloud a few times, I like it. It does sound pretty.
Jledwick  7/3/2015
Pretty name.
ERK  12/30/2016
Given Name BELEN

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: Various

CONTRIBUTOR: cutenose on 7/23/2016

LAST EDITOR: cutenose on 7/23/2016 [revision history]

Meaning & History

Variant of Belén used outside of Spanish speaking countries.
LMS  1/13/2017
According to ( Belén ranked 46th place in Argentina (2006) and 18th place in Montevideo, Uruguay (2008).
lilolaf  2/2/2017
Belén Fabra is a Spanish actress. Belén Fabra started by playing small roles in numerous theater plays, films and television series. She made her breakthrough with the 2007 play Plataforma, for which she was nominated for the Premios Max and the Valle-Inclán de Teatro Award.
cutenose  2/28/2017
The name Belen was given to 373 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Belen are female.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017

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