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True beryl is actually clear, not pale green. [noted -ed]
echo_of_the_past  6/25/2005
Beryl Bainbridge is one of my favorite authors. *Beryl* is a great name and rolls effortlessly off the tongue.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2006
My daughter's name is Jacy Beryl, and everyone loves it. It makes a good middle name.
Briseis  11/4/2006
I like this name, but people seem to have trouble figuring out how to pronounce it. (I don't get that since they don't seem to need any help with Meryl)
YMPvt  3/4/2007
Beryl Stapleton is a character in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Kate  5/2/2007
Beryl has always seemed like an elderly name to me.
FairyGirl  1/30/2008
It sounds hopelessly old-fashioned, like the name of a grandmother, or some middle-aged woman who dresses in worn-out, loose-fitting clothes and wears ugly glasses from the 70s. Sheryl at least sounds pretty. Even Meryl is better.
slight night shiver  5/16/2008
Beryl--Barrel? Please, if you're going to live in a English-speaking area, do your daughter a favor and do NOT name her this! Although I admit the gemstone is very pretty.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2008
The female protagonist from the spinoff novel of Devil May Cry 2 was named Beryl. She is very determined and feisty, and I think the name suits her well.
NobleAntihero  11/1/2008
Beryl looks pretty written out, and its origin is cool and all, but I can't help associating it with the word "barrel".
― Anonymous User  11/3/2008
Beryl is a nice name. Say it like BEAR-UL not BAR-AL. It's my middle name, after my grandmother. I like how it rolls off the tongue. It very nice.
Cross-My-Heart  2/21/2009
I think Beryl is a nice name, and I can really see it on a little girl under 5, and as an old name as well. But it is relatively unheard of nowadays, which is a real shame, because I think it would really suit a young child. :)
walesgal92  3/8/2009
Queen Beryl- The the first major villain in every version of the Sailor Moon series.
cherry_ai_222  3/18/2009
This is a also a boys' name in Yiddish, as a nickname for the name Ber. I first encountered it in some Sholem Aleichem stories, so I have a hard time seeing it as a girls' name.
Anyechka  7/21/2009
Famous English ballerina Dame Beryl Grey (born Beryl Elizabeth Groom in 1927).
Just Jonquil  11/18/2009
There is a children's book called Beryl's Box, which I love!
gabbygrace1915  12/13/2010
Barrell. Enough said.
Chrila96  12/13/2010
I think this name is very cute in theory and I like the stone. However, it simply sounds like "barrel," which makes it rather unusable as a name for a real child.
Lady Jeeves  10/3/2011
It's pronounced beh-rill - it's never reminded me of barrel.
― Anonymous User  1/11/2012
Beryl Marsden, a British R&B and pop singer.
― Anonymous User  7/17/2014
Not a favourite of mine but I can't understand why so many people hate it. Perhaps that's because so many people are reminded of "barrel" - why this should be is puzzling as the name is pronounced beh-ril. If Ruby can achieve popularity why can't Beryl, of similar vintage and also a jewel name? It's much prettier than Ruby IMHO.
Just Jonquil  10/17/2014
British actress Beryl Reid (1919-96), known for her work as a comedienne, and also for her starring role opposite Susannah York in "The Killing of Sister George".
She was known also for living in a round-shaped house in the countryside and her love of cats. Her middle name was Elizabeth.
Just Jonquil  10/17/2014
A name my family uses for boys' middle names is Burrill which was once a surname.
lilpimpteller  2/16/2015
The name Beryl is sooo pretty, sweet and cute! I love this name so much! ^___^
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
This name travels deep in my family. My great great grandfather was a Beryl from Troms Norway, he had a junior but the junior didn't have a son but a daughter, my grandmother, who was named Glendolyn Beryl Brooks, who then named my father Beryl Brooks Ivar as the first born. I am Amberle Brooke (a play on the name phonetically; Amber also a semi precious jewel and the female protagonist of the Shannara fantasy book series) and my brother was a Michael Beryl Brooks. I love the unisex usage, especially throughout the decades, not just a trendy use of names like Madison, Riley, or Kendal.
Alofty  7/21/2016
Beryl has been used for six tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. As of 2017, "Ana" and "Beryl" are the only names that have been used for multiple storms none of which reached hurricane strength. It will be used in 2018.
XYKLONE  12/17/2017

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